Virtual Learning Genius Bar

    Speakers: Emma King, Vice President of Learning and Event Strategy, INXPO

    Emma Meyer, Executive Producer, INXPO

    Speaker: Emma King, Vice President of Learning

    Mary Beth Micucci, Director of Digital Events, HIMSS

    It is common place for your staff to communicate using video to their friends & family members using SKYPE, Facetime etc. but asking trainers, speakers or subject matter experts to switch on their cameras when delivering training programs, can be a tall order!

    In this Panel, winner of the Learning Champion Award, Emma King (VP of Learning and Event Strategy, INXPO) & Emma Meyer (Executive Producer, INXPO) along with Mary Beth Micucci (Director of Digital Events, HIMSS () will answer questions relating to developing learning programs and deliver advice and techniques that will encourage more engaging learning including video participation for leadership communication, virtual classroom and online learning delivery. Both INXPO and HIMSS were Learning! 100 winners at the ELC 2016, so bring your challenges and they will bring answers!



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