How Social Networks Connect a Distributed Workforce and Build a Management Pipeline

The third largest parking company in the United States and one of the 2014 Learning! 100, LAZ Parking operates more than 1,900 parking locations in 24 states. Its workforce is comprised of approximately 7,500 culturally diverse employees, most of whom are hourly workers.
Two years ago, the company's management team set out to address two business challenges:
• Increase employee engagement to reinforce the company's people-first philosophy and its overarching mission to create opportunities for employees and value for clients.
• Build a management pipeline capable of meeting the company's aggressive growth projections.
In this webinar presentation, attendees will learn how social learning, an emphasis on on-demand, mobile accessible content, and coaching for on-the-job application comprised a cost- and time-efficient learning strategy that had rapid impact.

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