A new service being offered to Web marketers allows potential customers the ability to learn more about the types of products that they are clicking on. It’s an interesting hybrid of customer education and e-learning.

The retailer supplies a small space of real estate on its Website. A link with a leading question and an engaging visual is located on the page of choice. Unlike annoying rollover pop-ups that interrupt a site-surfer’s concentration or send a consumer somewhere they don’t want to go, the Learn Something About link — now being provided by Learn Something About to the retail, food and drug industries — invites customers in, and then provides them a rich environment of interactivity related to the site’s relevant content.

For more information visit the Website www.learnsomething.com.

Grad Certificate in E-learning Offered

Approximately 15 students are enrolled in the University of Illinois’ Global Campus. The first two degree programs are a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and a Master’s of Education in online learning, as well as a graduate certificate in the foundations of e-learning.

Faculty from the three university campuses — Champaign-Urbana, Chicago and Springfield — are designing the academic programs and setting credentials for their teachers, as well as teaching when they have the time.

Students got access to class materials earlier this month, and several immediately downloaded reading materials or video clips.

According to the U of I, the online institution will expand the school’s reach, make courses available to non-traditional students, and generate a new source of revenue.

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Plateau Systems’ iContent adds specialized content from five new partners: get Abstract, KESDEE, Learn Wright, Quality Food Training and We Comply. These partners bring 4,000 new business, finance, and compliance titles — in industries such as biotech, pharmaceuticals, and food packaging — to the iContent catalog. Users now have access to more than 30,000 talent management assets that span a broad range of business, technology and leadership development topics.

iContent provides a single point of access to talent management materials, accelerating content testing and integration to deliver content with less time and effort, and managing all content centrally and securely, with or without a learning management system. By providing organizations with a single place to buy, manage and store third-party and custom developed content, iContent speeds the availability and delivery of content while simultaneously decreasing the time and labor costs associated with managing and storing learning and talent management content

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The central idea of FlockPod is to provide a space on any Web page for you to collaborate and learn right on the spot, to share ideas, opinions, experiences, anecdotes or sometimes even to question, reason or debate. FlockPod is the world’s first software for on-the-spot social interactions leading to informal learning.

FlockPod lets you add social interaction on any Web page to serve a dual purpose: facilitate social learning and augment the content itself. As you read a page of information open a debate and get others involved, you can share ideas, opinions and experiences from your perspective.

The Spot Poll function allows you to take a poll with out leaving what you are reading to get a quick pulse of everyone’s opinion to see a trend and make a decision. You can also leave behind useful links on a page to guide others when they visit that page. While on the page, you can rank the links by relevance to the content. 

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Elluminate, Inc., and Sakai are integrating Elluminate Live! with the latter’s Collaboration and Learning Environment. As part of the development partnership, Elluminate and Unicon will develop and contribute the new technology to the open-source community. The Elluminate/Sakai integration is targeted for completion and general availability to the public in spring 2008.

The Elluminate Live! interface will enable academic institutions using the Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment to easily and seamlessly integrate live, synchronous distance learning and collaboration into their coursework.

Elluminate Live! brings sessions for live classroom delivery, and includes recordings of live classroom sessions for students who miss class or wish to review. Elluminate Live! allows instructors to record tutorials and assign as part of course requirements, create virtual rooms that students can use to work together without an instructor. With the system, users can invite remote guest speakers to attend or even moderate sessions, and create virtual offices and share with all courses. 

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Control Center 7, a new professional remote IP-network camera control and jobsite management system, is being offered by EarthCam, Inc. The advanced Web-based software, available to all EarthCam clients in the international construction, traffic management and security industries, merges ease of use, advanced functions and image-building with sophisticated design.

EarthCam’s new software enables hundreds of features of megapixel and live streaming video cameras across allmajor brands. Control Center 7’s intuitive personal design program, customized by users for individual comfort and convenience, encourages expanded use of the remote Web cam systems to monitor, manage and document projects.

Integrated satellite zoom-in and aerial fly-bys of job-site locations provide a valuable means to pinpoint the project and explore surrounding real estate while bringing added excitement to an official Website.

Control Center 7 also offers multiple ways to pan, tilt, zoom and manage live cameras including keyboard, click-to-center, virtual joystick and easy to-use desktop USB joystick control. Its layout option is enhanced by an instant access, color-coordinated template to complement and enhance individual company Websites.

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EduGarage is the new home of the Blackboard Developers Network.

A wiki-based Website for all Blackboard Building Blocks and Blackboard PowerLinks developers to collaborate, share expertise and access the same tools and resources.

Several different groups of developers will now join forces into one Blackboard Developers Network. No longer is the developer site just for downloading the SDK. EduGarage is built on a wiki framework with embedded forums so developers can interact, participate and share expertise easily with other developers across institutions, across the globe.

With EduGarage, you can create a more open, externally accessible site that developers can access and add to the content and communication, and then share all of that knowledge and experience with the rest of the education world. 

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Winners of 11 categories receive rave reviews

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It's more than purchasing and installing software applications.
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My, how the e-learning industry has grown since 1997

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Adobe and SAP AG are collaborating on a new product called SAP® Enterprise Learning environment, which is designed to help companies drive continuous employee education more efficiently and cost effectively than traditional in-person training. SAP Enterprise Learning combines the highly customizable Web conferencing solution Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional with SAP Learning Solution and is scheduled for availability in Q3 2007.

In other news, SAP and Adobe announced they have entered into a global reseller agreement that allows SAP to market and sell Acrobat Connect Professional as a standalone solution for enterprise-class Web-conferencing and collaborative communication.

“Entering this partnership with SAP allows Adobe to significantly expand on the capabilities and reach of the HCM [human capital management] solution to very broad audiences in the world’s best-run businesses,” said Tom Hale, senior vice president, Knowledge Worker Business Unit at Adobe. For more details, visit: www.adobe.com

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