Speakers: Derek Cunard, Dean of American Heart Association University, AHA; Jeanne Dunn, Vice President, Learning@Cisco; Paul LeBlanc, President, Southern New Hampshire University

Meet leaders from the three top learning organizations in the U.S.A. Named #1 in the 2012 Learning! 100, American Heart Association’s motto has always been to Learn and Live. Derek Cunard, Dean of American Heart University, will share their secrets that have led to 100% employee participation. Southern New Hampshire University’s President Paul LeBlanc is listed as The Most Innovative Company by Fast Company. SNHU has an innovative approach to schooling students that looks a lot like the Khan Academy. Finally, Jeanne Dunn, Cisco's Vice President of Learning@Cisco was a top recipient of the Learning! 100 Award in the private sector for both innovation and collaboration. Three very different strategies from three very innovative organizations. Join us for this session that will be moderated by Joe DiDonato, editor at large, Elearning!Media Group, and learn what each of these enterprises has done to re-invent their programs.

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Speakers: Joe DiDonato, Editor at Large, Elearning!Media Group
and Vicki Tambellini, The Tambellini Group

Almost 40% of enterprises are leveraging social networks for learning and collaboration. (Event more for recruiting and branding.) Yet, many enterprise are using public networks like facebook and LinkedIn with open sharing and security.  Is this the right mix for your team?
Join this session when Joe and Vicki who discuss:

  1. Public verses Private Social Ecosystems
  2. The Investment expectation
  3. The return on engagement

Every attendee of the session will receive the Elearning!Social Learning Network Checklist complimentary.

This seminar qualifies for 5 credits toward the learning professional certificate.

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Speakers: Joe DiDonato, Editor at Large, Elearning!Media Group 
and Chris Bond, CEO, Bluewater Learning Services

Over 40% of Elearning! readers plan to add, change or replace their learning or talent management system. But, the process is not as simple as upgrading to a new version. In this session, Joe and Chris will share the four key steps to take when buying your next learning or talent system.
In this session, you will learn:

  1. Understanding your business needs
  2. What you need to know BEFORE selecting  a solution
  3. Selecting the right solution
  4. Future system trends and developments

Come armed with your questions to ask these experts who have deployed over 100 systems.

This seminar qualifies for 5 credits toward the learning professional certificate.

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Speakers: Joe DiDonato, editor at large, Elearning!Media Group
and David Grebow, CEO, Knowledge Star

Today, 48% of enterprises do not know the skill sets of their employees. Yet, 1 million skilled positions go unfilled because of perceived ‘talent shortages.’ Unless your employer conducted your training, your investment in developing your professional skills may go unchecked.
According to  the O’Reilly School of Technology’s Scott Gray:
“Those outside of companies with skill-building curriculae can’t obtain legitimacy in those skillsets without being an employee. The more people are culling unassociated resources and experiences to learn specific skills, the more urgent it is for there to be a place for them to record their efforts and success, to study with peers, and to present their learning portfolios to future employers or partners in a meaningful way.”

Join Joe DiDonato, former EVP, Oracle Education and David Grebow, certification expert and CISCO certification partner.

In this session you will learn:

  • The value of professional certificates
  • How to build resume credentials
  • The process to secure credits for prior education

Start earning resume credentials  from your learning efforts. This seminar qualifies for 5 credits toward the learning professional certificate.

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Speakers: Jay Cross, principal, Internet Time Alliance, Nick van Dam, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LTD, Karie Willyerd, SuccessFactors (SAP), Joe DiDonato, Elearning! Media Group

“The 21st century is an entirely new ballgame. The rules have changed. Business leaders need to embrace it”. – Jay Cross 

In this session, you will meet three of the best minds in enterprise learning. Each has penned recent books on the future workplace and each has a different perspective on how you should be re-tooling your skills for Enterprise 2020.

In this session, Joe DiDonato, editor at large, EMG hosts: 
•    Jay Cross, principal, Internet Time Alliance, author of The Working Smarter Fieldbook 
•    Nick van Dam, CLO Global Talent, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, and author of NextLearning, Unwrapped 
•    Karie Willyerd, CLO, SuccessFactors, co-author of The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract  Tomorrow’s Employees Today

During this lively panel discussion you will hear how to prepare for the social network era, critical talent shortages, and the new rules of leadership. Be prepared, these experts won’t all agree. Come ready to re-think your own paradigms and take the first step on the road to Enterprise 2020. (Speakers will be available during the Summit for one-on-one dialogues as well as scheduled meet and greets.)

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Speakers: Jay Cross, Principal, Internet Time Allianceand Learning! 100 Panelists

Jay Cross leads this roundtable discussion on the new rules of leadership. The 21st century leader must operate differently or he/she will fail. Join Jay in this session, when he discusses this new reality with three executives from the Learning! 100. Be prepared to participate in this dialogue as you discover the skills you will need for the Enterprise 2020.

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Speakers: Vicki Tamberllini, President, eduworld1, Wendy Frederick, Chief, Learning Systems Management Division, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Alice Muerllerweiss, Dean, Veteran’s Affairs Learning University, Dept of Veterans Affairs

Both of these learning leaders faced steep challenges but embraced the opportunity to re-invent their learning programs. Discover how the Dept of Veteran Affairs created an enterprise level Learning University serving 320,000 employees. Their single touch point provides full access to a rich suite of offerings. The ATF, while smaller, faced similar challenges when re-designing their learning and delivery methods. From determining competencies to learning system selection, these leaders both faced critical decisions.

Join this session and hear how they assessed their organization’s needs, developed a course of action, embraced new technologies and measured the results. Discover how these executives are building smarter organizations as they share their experiences, outcomes and programs.

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Speakers: Nick van Dam, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LTD and Learning! 100 Panelists

These Learning! 100 winners earn their honors in 2011 for outstanding organizational performance. Some grew income over 60% year to year. Join them and see how they leveraged an immersive learning culture, Innovation and leadership to achieve outstanding business performance. Hear how they overcame economic woes to woe their employees and customers. Discover how these firms are building smarter companies as they share their experiences, outcomes and programs. Tap their expertise and grow your network of experts.

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Speakers: Bob Danna, COO, Bersin & Associates, Ed Cohen, VP Learning Technologies, SuccessFactors (SAP), Jason Corsello, VP of Strategy, Cornerstone On Demand, Dave Wilkins, VP Research, Taleo (Oracle)

Since 2005, every major enterprise software and solution has evolved. Enterprise software has gone to the cloud, APIs are rampant, and instant access is empowering our workforce. In this session, hear from the CTOs and technologists who are driving the technologies that will enable the Enterprise 2020.

Join  Bob Danna and leaders from the learning and talent software, gaming, social and mobile sectors. Discover how all this digital data will provide your organization 20/20 insights in the future. Bring your questions and receive candid answers from the top executives of your partner organizations.

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Speaker: Joe DiDonato, Editor-at-Large, Elearning! Media Group; Jacqueline Beck, Vice President, Brookwood; Dr. Garry Woodill, CEO, i5 Research

As we follow the yellow brick road to the new “land of e-learning,” what perils will we encounter along the way?  Will you be able to find your way home after you talk to the wizards?  And do you have the mettle to make this trip?
Meet four expert guides who will share their secrets on mobile, social, virtual and collaborative learning.  Let them help you avoid wrong turns. Listen to our moderator, Joe DiDonato, as he tests their courage, hearts, and brains with probing questions from “behind the curtain.”
Jackie Beck will share virtual learning best practices and advise us on how this trend will impact us going forward.  Dr. Gary Woodrill shares how to develop a mobile learning strategic plan.   David Coleman will prove how effective collaboration processes will assure your best ROI from technology investments. And, Michele Lenz describes how e-learning can go social effectively.
In this session you will learn:

  • Which technologies should be leveraged and when;
  • How to build a strategy that supports your goals;
  • The impact of collaboration on business outcomes;
  • The 5 truths of social, mobile and virtual learning; and
  • The safest path to the new “land of e-learning”
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