Thursday, 05 March 2015 05:48

Connectivity and Daily Life Soon to Become Integrated

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Hot consumer trends in the technology realm for 2015 and beyond:

>>  The streamed future. 2015 will be historic as more people will watch streamed video on a weekly basis than broadcast TV.

>>  Mind sharing. Smartphone owners would like to use a wearable device to communicate with others directly through thought — and believe this will be mainstream by 2020.

>>  Smart citizens. Consumers believe traffic volume maps, energy use comparison apps and real-time water quality checkers will be mainstream by 2020.

>>  The digital purse. 80% of smartphone owners believe the smartphone will replace their entire purse by 2020.

>>  ‘My information.’ 56% of smartphone owners would like all Internet communication to be encrypted.

>>  Longer life. Smartphone owners see Cloud-based services of various kinds giving them the potential to live healthier and longer lives.

>>  Children connect everything. 46% of smartphone owners say that children will expect all objects to be connected when they are older.

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