Friday, 07 September 2018 08:30

MLevel Adds Performance Analytics

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Powered by Microsoft Power BI, mLevel’s Performance Analytics offers  data visualization capabilities. Your reporting will extend beyond completion data to visual data  representation and the ability to drill down into any detail. Capture every detail from  course, topic, cohort, question and individual.  You can analyze individual scorecards and activities. Measure the impact of learning, not just time served. This capability allows users to see coachable moments — points of misunderstanding in general, cohort or individual level. Use the results to develop reinforcements around areas of needs and create personalized coachable moments.

The power of data is what you do with it.  Organize content to align to strategic initiatives; Find overarching trends; View learner understanding; Identify understanding at individual level; Use scorecards for 1 on 1 coaching moments; Develop reinforcements around troubled areas; Identify no shows and send nudges for completion.

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