GC Learning Services, LLC is launching a new library on the Coggno platform offering universal, affordable, off-the-shelf generic training courses for sale in celebration of its 20th anniversary. A discount is being offered to companies who purchase a minimum of 10 licenses.

The new platform enables companies to easily download licensed courses for immediate use for one, ten, or hundreds of employees at a time at discounted bulk rates. The first course, titled Effective Meeting Strategies, takes the learner through a five-step process on how to conduct an effective meeting. From creating an agenda to assigning action items, participants learn how to have successful and effective meetings. Courses include audio, video, offline activities such as worksheets, graded assessments and printable certificates upon passing completion of each course.

—Learn More: www.gclearningservices.com

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Riptide’s Learning Division added WayPoints to its html5 courseware arsenal. In addition to the Elements courseware, that delivers highly interactive e-learning to any device and in any language, Elements released an innovative new courseware product, Waypoints. Elements WayPoints provides an in-line training experience that can work for any web-based software. The major portion of WayPoints courseware involves a unique learning experience in-line with the product and it provides simulations through guided workflows that have the learner directly interfacing with the software. Using xAPI, Waypoints also provides competency based assessments and training activity data.

In only a couple of months Waypoints has seen a measurable amount of success in large enterprise business and for military training systems. Two major corporations, a legal research, technology, and human expertise platform; and a company that provides services to the global airline industry, both multi-billion dollar in revenue, are able to prove software usage competencies with Waypoints. Both companies are using multiple services from the Elements platform. The airline service company is using the entire LMS platform, while the technology and human expertise platform is using a collection of micro-services and Riptide Elements is integrating into their proprietary LMS.

To complement the Waypoints product, Riptide is adding an authoring feature to allow training workflows to be created directly by the end user very rapidly. This authoring component makes Waypoints accessible to non-technical authors allowing them to create their own workflows. In addition, the author can create different types of overlays from popovers, transitions, to modals.

—Learn More: http://learning.riptidesoftware.com/products/
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A new MOOC course for a new one-of-a-kind leadership and development program launched this summer on the FutureLearn platform. The new program was created by Charter Management Institute (CMI) and The Open University Business School (OUBS). CMI and OUBS have developed the Management and Leadership: Growing as a Manager MOOC to address the growing appetite for online education by digital savvy managers. According to CMI’s 2015 Learning to Lead report, only 20 percent of managers say that digital learning they have undertaken has been accredited.

The two-part MOOC has been designed for new, aspiring or existing managers to develop professional skills. The courses are open to anyone regardless of previous qualifications or educational experience. Each course in the program takes learners three hours of study per week, over the course of four weeks. Managers will be able to update their skillset through a blended approach including social learning, self-directed study and peer learning.

After completing both parts of the MOOC, managers will be eligible to take a CMI Level 5 Award in Management and Leadership, which will help them work towards achieving professional Chartered Manager status.

—More info: www.managers.org.uk


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Annual performance reviews are on their way out and many large companies are shifting their ways to measure employee benchmarks in relation to their goals. In February, IBM launched an app, Checkpoint, for employees to set shorter-term goals and have managers review them and give them feedback at least quarterly. Even General Electric, which once prophesized the annual performance review, is walking away from it. Previously known for ranking employees each year and firing the bottom 10 percent (that system was ended about a decade ago), it’s now ending annual performance reviews and legacy performance management system in favor of more frequent feedback via an app.

IBM and General Electric may be on the right track: 45 percent of HR leaders do not think annual performance reviews are an accurate appraisal for employee’s work and 42 percent do not think employees are rewarded according to their job performance according to a SHRM/Globoforce survey. Frequent feedback and employee recognition programs are two ways for organizations to meet challenges.

—More info: http://www.globoforce.com/news/press-releases-archive/shrmgloboforce-survey-reveals-growing-impact-of-recognition-programs-on-performance-management/


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CEOs and senior-level executives report growth as their main priority with customers now ranking second according to “The Year Of Digital Tenacity,” a new report by Gartner. Fifty-four percent of respondents prioritize growth, 31 percent prioritize customers and 27 percent prioritize workforce. According to Mark Raskino, vice president of Gartner Fellow, there was a noticeable increase in the word “customer” in the survey responses highlighting rising concern over customer satisfaction. He says that CEOs believe their customer value percentage is currently at 30 percent but will rise to 46 percent by 2019.

—Learn More: https://www.gartner.com/doc/3275917/-ceo-survey-year-digital
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eXact Learning Solutions’ new version – known as ‘M16’ – includes some major upgrades and brings important changes to the Project Management area of the platform. It features a fully interactive Gantt chart software, enabling project managers to manage a project directly from the dashboard — including assigning tasks, setting deadlines and more.

M16 also features major updates to the LCMS’s Online Editor. These bring the Online Editor closer the company’s authoring tool, eXact learning Packager, by offering, among other things, full support for interactions, along with theme personalization.

eXact learning Packager offers users HTML5 templates to make creating screens and courses merely a matter of dragging and dropping raw assets (audio, images, video and so on) into a visual tree structure representing the template.

—Learn more: www.exact-learning.com


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Recently launched OutCons has more than the typical LMS capabilities, it acts as a distribution center for learning. Whether mobile, on site, or hosted in the cloud, consultants help adminstrators optimize their LMS and its infrastructure allowing employees to get information they want and need. The program offers custom software and mobile applications, data and content migration, and SCORM/AICC Courseware integration. Their customer software solutions include application development, system architecture, search engine optimization and website and graphic design.

—Learn More: www.outcons.com

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The Association for Talent Development hosted more than 10,000 attendees at the premier event in Denver, Colorado.

Taking place May 22-25, 2016, the Association for Talent Development (ATD) brought in 10,200 attendees from 83 countries. More than 400 speakers presented at more than 300 sessions, creating a robust learning experience both on and off the show floor. Emerging developments in virtual reality, microlearning and mobile training solutions were emphasized during the four-day event. Speakers presented on various topics such as what to expect when incorporating gamification into your sales learning programs, the importance of keeping with company culture when implementing learning programs and building successful teams.

Companies continue to strive to attach numbers such as ROIs on their learning and development programs to track progress for themselves and their investors. Other popular topics were training the Millennial workforce, interactive learning and learning at an individual’s own pace.

The 2016 edition of ATD was anchored by three general sessions featuring bestselling author Simon Sinek, Brené Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, and Jeremy Gutsche, the CEO of Trend Hunter, a company that is the leading showcase for innovation and The Next Big Thing. These dynamic speakers will share their perspectives on leadership that inspires, courage, and the power of innovation and creativity.

Virtual Reality is next on the horizon for many learners and learning management system companies exhibiting at ATD -are integrating it into their platforms. Manzalab, known for their serious games and for working with companies such as General Electric, developed a budget-friendly virtual reality application. Learning management company Litmos, is working to develop middle-end virtual reality tools and incorporate them into employee learning, compliance and multi-channel initiatives.  SilVR thread was demonstrating their high-end, Hollywood-designed virtual reality lessons at ATD. Learners were immersed in skiing and operating lessons. Virtual reality helps learning because it immerses the learner and activates emotions in the brain, helping students remember what they learn.

Next year, the event will take place May 21-24 at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta. 

—Learn More: atdconference.org

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Building on its success of designing and producing whiteboard videos for clients such as Microsoft, NASA and Nestle, TruScribe is launching a software program that allows organizations to create their own whiteboard videos.

Whiteboard videos are effective because they introduce pictures with words, helping to engrain lessons in the brain. With the new software program, subscribers will be able to create lessons on their own with script development tools, a library of artwork, voiceover and editing tools.

—Learn more: truscribe.com

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Dimension Data Learning Solutions (DDLS) won the 2016 Microsoft Learning Partner Award. The training company was selected among a global field of more than 2,500 entrants from 119 countries worldwide. DDLS was recognised for providing outstanding solutions and services for learning solutions.

The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards recognises Microsoft partners that have developed and delivered exceptional Microsoft-based solutions during the past year. The Learning Partner of the Year Award is designed to recognise the global partner who has demonstrated excellence in the design and delivery of a high impact training solution.

As the leading IT training organisation in Australia, DDLS plays a critical role in enabling the evolution of skills in the Australian IT community. Employing the country’s largest community of Microsoft Certified trainers, DDLS provides a 360-degree learning view of the Microsoft technology stack and is able to advise on and deliver highly relevant training and certification.

—Learn More: https://www.ddls.com.au/


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