Talent management practices should be more transparent, according to a new study. In a survey of 518 directors, managers and employees, 71 percent of respondents said their organization should be more open about which employees are in their company’s talent pool.

Seventy-three percent of respondents said it is apparent that some individuals get treated differently in terms of career development and progression opportunities within their organization.

Fifty-four percent of all workers surveyed said that their organization doesn’t recognize their full potential, and even 38 percent of those who are in a talent pool said their full potential is not recognized. Thirty-six percent of all respondents said their company does not track or manage their personal or career development.

Of the 23% of respondents surveyed who are currently in a talent pool, 81 percent said this motivates them to perform their job better. Meanwhile, 35 percent of those who are not in a talent pool feel demotivated as a result, reinforcing the need for clearer communications and enterprise-wide career and personal development strategies so that everybody feels supported and valued, regardless of whether they are in a talent pool or not.

—Download the full report: www2.kallidus.com/Talent-SecretSociety-SM


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The global mobile learning market is to grow from $7.98 billion in 2015 to $37.60 billion by 2020, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36.3 percent. North America is expected to be the largest market in terms of market size, while Europe and Asia-Pacific are expected to experience an increase in market traction during the forecast period.

This information is contained in the report “Mobile Learning Market by Solution (Mobile Content Authoring, E-books, Portable LMS, Mobile and Video-based Courseware, Interactive Assessments, Content Development, M-Enablement), by Applications, by User Type, & by Region - Global Forecast to 2020.”

The report also notes that communication and learning have been an integral part of the education and training process. These, reinforced with technological advancements such as mobility, real-time content delivery and others have resulted into the genesis of the mobile learning market.
Mobile learning solutions enable educators and trainers to provide real-time interactive training and instructions to the end-users through the medium of smartphones and mobile devices. This not only helps to provide an interactive learning experience but also makes learning not restricted to a classroom or a training room.

Furthermore the applications such as video lectures, audio & video course material, e-books and others allow the access to information on the go which further bridges the time and distance gap between educators and students/employees.

—More info: http://www.marketsandmarkets.com/Market-Reports/mobile-learning-market-73008174.html#whatech.com/75640

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The 2015 FGDLA Call for Awards supporting the 2015 GV Expo (www.gvexpo.com) has been posted to the main Web page of the Federal Government Distance Learning Association (FGDLA). If you would like to nominate an associate, co-worker, or anyone deserving, the organization invites you to submit a nomination.

The award categories and description:

Five-Star: In recognition of an organization for demonstrating excellence in providing continuous support of video production and delivery of distance learning in the federal government.

Innovation: In recognition of an organization for demonstrating excellence in the innovative use of technology supporting video-based content development and delivery of distance learning in the federal government.

Pioneer: In recognition of an individual for demonstrating excellence in teaching or content development of video supporting distance learning in the federal government.

—More info: www.fgdla.us

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Katherine Archuleta, the embattled Office of Personnel Management director, resigned last week amid a cascading scandal over her handling of a massive breach of federal employee records that included security-clearance details dating back 15 years.

Archuleta, who has been at the helm of OPM since November 2013, faced pressure from a rush of lawmakers who called for her firing, including the top three House Republicans and Democratic Sen. Mark Warner, who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Most recently, sensitive information from at least 15 years of background investigations of 21.5 million employees, contractors and job applicants seeking security clearances, and their families, was compromised. That was in addition to another theft, first revealed on June 4, of personal data on 4.2 million employees, including Social Security numbers.

According to the Washington Post, "confidence in her was shaken beyond repair." Beth Cobert, OPM's deputy director for management, will take over Archuleta's job. She will now be tasked with implementing changes already underway, like boosting the use of two-factor authentication and reducing the number of "privileged users" on the agency's networks. She will also oversee the benefits provided to those affected by the hacks, and the selection of a contractor to deliver those services.

"I believe it is best for me to step aside and allow new leadership to step in, enabling the agency to move beyond the current challenges and allowing the employees at OPM to continue their important work," said a prepared statement by Archuleta. "I am honored to have led this organization and to have served alongside the incredible team at OPM. I have complete confidence in their ability to continue fulfill OPM's important mission of recruiting, retaining and honoring a world-class workforce to serve the American People."

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Google has announced the official launch of its Government Innovation Labs, which can institutionalize innovation practices to make those practices the default for government problem solving using technology as a support.

Google Apps costs less than $5 per employee per month, providing cost savings of as much as 50 percent annually for many government organizations. And with modern email and collaboration applications, agencies can potentially dedicate more time to their critical missions.

The U.S. General Services Administration is finding the program extremely valuable. It is the first federal agency to successfully migrate its employees to a Cloud-based email service using Google Apps for Government, saving millions in taxpayer dollars annually. The GSA expect the Cloud-based system to reduce email operation costs by 50 percent over the next five years and save more than $15.2 million for the agency in that time. Additionally, the new email environment provides our agency with an easily accessible suite of services including email and collaboration tools that help GSA employees become a more mobile and more efficient workforce.

Security is not a problem, according to the City of Pittsburgh: "While the city still retains full ownership of our data, we can count on Google for data safety and security. Our data is more secure with Google than with the previous system."

On the state and local government level, Google's James Waterman says the program will provide officials access to Google's suite of enterprise apps, developers and experts for consultation on beneficial services both inside and outside of Google.

On local levels, leadership teams will be sent through a six-week journey to identify what innovation means for their jurisdictions. Afterward, Waterman says, they'll paint a picture of possible solutions using a palette of different technologies. These could translate to data visualization tools, search functionality, mapping, or open data solutions with such companies as. Once the tech choices are decided upon, Google developers will be tasked to implement projects within roughly 90 days.

—More info: https://www.google.com/work/apps/government/

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Virtual Conference Offers New Free and Premium Access Registration, Plus Advanced Online Features, Games and Interaction

Corona, CA June 2, 2015 - Elearning! Media Group will hold its second Virtual event of 2015 at the Enterprise Learning! Conference Online on July 16-17th from 7 am PT to 5 pm PT. The Virtual event will host live sessions only on July 16th. The event's new platform will offer two registration types: free access and premium. Attendees selecting free registration can access all live sessions on July 16th. Premium access attendees can view not only the sessions on July 16th, but also new sessions on July 17th and gain On-Demand access to all sessions and content for 90 days after the event through October 15th, 2015.

Both registration types allow attendees on the July 16th live day to visit sponsor booths in the virtual exhibit hall, interact live "avatar-style" with booth reps and download hundreds of documents and information in the resource center. New to this virtual event is the application of games which allow attendees to earn points or badges on the live July 16th event day. Virtual games range from trivia challenges and memory matches to opportunities to earn badges for prizes.

"In our second Virtual event of 2015, we are giving industry professionals choices, variety and greater convenience," says Catherine Upton, Publisher and CEO of Elearning! Magazine. "The new options available during our July Virtual event provide greater opportunities for learning, HR, training and talent development professionals to gain access to and learn from the speakers and experts participating in our event."

The Enterprise Learning! Conference Online 2015 will feature six live sessions on July 16th and new content on July 17th plus virtual exhibits, online chat, social media elements allowing attendees to tweet and post throughout the event on July 16th. Registration is now open at Enterprise Learning! Conference 2015.

About Elearning! Media Group
Elearning! and Government Elearning! magazines, e-Magazines, E-newsletters, Alerts, Web sites and Summits are produced by B2B Media Company, LLC. Elearning! Magazine is one in the family of 12 media products serving the $220 billion enterprise learning market. In combination, these brands reach up to 2 million executives and professionals who plan, evaluate and deploy enterprise-wide learning solutions across their organizations each year. To learn more, visit: http://www.2elearning.com.

Enterprise Learning! Events
In our seventh year, Enterprise Learning! Events bring onsite and online live audiences together to learn, network and share. Enterprise Learning! Summit 2014 hosted industry thought leaders, analysts and up to nine sessions, on March 20th, 2014. Watch these sessions On Demand at www.2elearning.com.


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Availability isn’t the only factor driving the adoption of video for online training. Equally important are the opportunities that video provides for greater trainer/student engagement and flexibility, for less logistics in the planning realm, and for lower costs.

However, regardless of how video training is used, there are several distinct features that online training must be able to provide for a wide range of potential learners including employees, business partners, and even customers:

>> Equal access for remote and on-site learners

>> Better access to more trainers and subject matter experts in more locations

>> Greater convenience and availability with live and on-demand instruction

>> Comprehensive performance tracking and reporting

>> Ability to register users and/or charge for training

—More info: www.gototraining.com

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The top 100 global learning organizations were revealed by Elearning! Media Group, host of the 5th Annual

Learning! 100 awards. Sixty corporate enterprises and 40 public sector organizations are being honored for learning culture and innovation that impact organization performance.

The Learning! 100 rankings will be revealed at the Learning! 100 Award Ceremony on June 9th at the Enterprise Learning! Conference at the Hylton Center, Manassas, VA.

“We are honored to host the top global learning organizations at the conference,” reports Catherine Upton, Conference Co-Chair. “We believe excellence is best achieved when shared, so we invite honorees to share their advice, best practices, tips and more with the larger learning community.”

More than 20 organizations are presenting their programs including: Saleforce, IBM, AT&T, Skillsoft, George Mason University, Defense Acquisition University, American Heart Association, AlliedBarton and more.

Learning! 100 are global organizations and come from Israel, Denmark, United Kingdom, Canada, across all industries and company size. Enterprises number as few as 2 employees up to 1.6 million employees.

“The Learning! 100 is diverse mix of innovative organizations driving performance by re-inventing learning within their organizations,” concludes Upton.

Learn more about ELC15 at www.ELCEShow.com. View the entire list at: http://bit.ly/1P3SQXo 

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a big driver of enterprise technology and consumerization. According to Goldman-Sachs, a number of significant technology changes have come together to enable the rise of the IoT:

>> Smartphones and Big Data

>> Cheap sensors – Sensor prices have dropped to an average 60 cents from $1.30 in the past 10 years.

>> Cheap bandwidth – The cost of bandwidth has also declined precipitously, by a factor of nearly 40x over the past 10 years.

>> Cheap processing – Similarly, processing costs have declined by nearly 60x over the past 10 years, enabling more devices to be not just connected, but smart enough to know what to do with all the new data they are generating or receiving.

>> Ubiquitous wireless coverage – Wireless connectivity is now available for free or at a very low cost.

>> IPv6 – Can support 128-bit addresses — an almost limitless number that can amply handle all conceivable IoT devices.

—More info: www.goldmansachs.com/our-thinking/outlook/internet- of-things/iot-report.pdf

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“Better software will revolutionize learning,” write Bill and Melinda Gates in their annual letter published earlier this year. If they haven’t already, cheaper devices, rising incomes and growing Internet access almost certainly will revolutionize how we teach, learn and increase literacy.

“But are existing e-learning programs really having an impact?” asks Anand Jagatia of Thomson Reuters Foundation.

And Tom Power, a lecturer in international education at the Open University, co-authored a 2014 report on the effectiveness of educational technology in developing nations, concluding that many programs are going wrong.

But e-learning is not just used for promoting literacy. Rebecca Harrison, CEO of the African Management Initiative, an e-learning platform for aspiring managers, says that the use of technology may help reach a million managers by 2023.

—More info: http://www.scidev.net/global/education/multimedia/ elearning-impact.html#sthash.Gg4T5t3H.dpuf  

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