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In 2015, Deloitte revamped its performance management system after revealing they were spending…

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Call for Learning! Champion Nominations

Apply by Dec. 1 for consideration Elearning! Media Group hosts the second annual Learning! Champion Awards recognizing individuals for exceptional contributions to the industry. Nominees can be… Read more...

Apple is allegedly joining Tesla, Google and other technology giants’ car-making efforts with the launch of Project Titan. Very few details have been released about the project that long-time Apple executive Bob Mansfield is leading. Project Titan is tentatively scheduled to launch in 2021 and although Apple has never confirmed that Project Titan is, in fact a car, several inside sources have confirmed the car will be autonomous and electric. Mansfield has been a key developer in some of Apple’s main products including the iPad and MacBook Air.

—More info: http://www.wsj.com/articles/apple-taps-bob-mansfield-to-oversee-car-project-1469458580

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Google has allegedly shifted gears on a high-end stand-alone virtual reality headset that was meant to directly compete with Oculus Rift. In May, Google revealed Daydream, a mobile virtual reality platform. Sources now say the company plans to implement a different version as part of a larger hardware push. The updated plans include a screen and won’t require a computer or phone to power it. However, the device will be more in line with augmented reality than current virtual reality headsets.

—More info: https://vr.google.com/daydream/


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GC Learning Services, LLC is launching a new library on the Coggno platform offering universal, affordable, off-the-shelf generic training courses for sale in celebration of its 20th anniversary. A discount is being offered to companies who purchase a minimum of 10 licenses.

The new platform enables companies to easily download licensed courses for immediate use for one, ten, or hundreds of employees at a time at discounted bulk rates. The first course, titled Effective Meeting Strategies, takes the learner through a five-step process on how to conduct an effective meeting. From creating an agenda to assigning action items, participants learn how to have successful and effective meetings. Courses include audio, video, offline activities such as worksheets, graded assessments and printable certificates upon passing completion of each course.

—Learn More: www.gclearningservices.com

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Riptide’s Learning Division added WayPoints to its html5 courseware arsenal. In addition to the Elements courseware, that delivers highly interactive e-learning to any device and in any language, Elements released an innovative new courseware product, Waypoints. Elements WayPoints provides an in-line training experience that can work for any web-based software. The major portion of WayPoints courseware involves a unique learning experience in-line with the product and it provides simulations through guided workflows that have the learner directly interfacing with the software. Using xAPI, Waypoints also provides competency based assessments and training activity data.

In only a couple of months Waypoints has seen a measurable amount of success in large enterprise business and for military training systems. Two major corporations, a legal research, technology, and human expertise platform; and a company that provides services to the global airline industry, both multi-billion dollar in revenue, are able to prove software usage competencies with Waypoints. Both companies are using multiple services from the Elements platform. The airline service company is using the entire LMS platform, while the technology and human expertise platform is using a collection of micro-services and Riptide Elements is integrating into their proprietary LMS.

To complement the Waypoints product, Riptide is adding an authoring feature to allow training workflows to be created directly by the end user very rapidly. This authoring component makes Waypoints accessible to non-technical authors allowing them to create their own workflows. In addition, the author can create different types of overlays from popovers, transitions, to modals.

—Learn More: http://learning.riptidesoftware.com/products/
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By 2020 Internet of Things (IoT) will be a factor in more than 25 percent of identified cybercrime but less than 10 percent of budgets will be devoted to IoT according to a Gartner study. Businesses, governments and individuals continue to invest in connected devices with roughly $281.54 million being spent on IoT security spending last year. Gartner predicts that $547.2 million will be spent on cybersecurity for IoT by 2018. The company also predicts that the cloud will continue to play a huge part in the cybersecurity industry — by 2020, half of all IoT implementations will use a form of cloud-based security service.

—Learn More: http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/3185623


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Rather than calling the doctor when immediately getting a headache or turning to WebMD’s often scary and unrealistic diagnoses, individuals will soon be able use smarter symptom search from the privacy of their own home for their immediate health care concerns. Although not meant to replace a doctor, Google will bring the smarter symptom search to the app by combing through the millions of health conditions mentioned in web results on the platform and then check them against medical information collected from doctors. Google’s Cloud Machine Learning platform powers voice-command search in the app and could help refine searches bringing better results based on what Google already knows about the individual.

—Learn more: https://googleblog.blogspot.com/2016/06/im-feeling-yucky-searching-for-symptoms.html


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The project will focus on education.

Richard Miner, co-founder of Android, has a lot of long-term creative projects under his belt — he worked for years on the first Android device and helped create WildFire 25 years ago — now, he’s stepping down from his general partner position with Google Ventures to work on a new, unnamed project with very few details attached to it.

The new project will have something to do with education and Google, rather than Alphabet. Miner will remain on the boards for most of his Google Ventures companies and remain in New England rather than going to Silicon Valley even though most of his team will work from there.

—Learn More: http://fortune.com/2016/07/07/exclusive-android-co-founder-to-lead-googles-new-education-project/


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Companies increased spending on training by 10 percent in 2015.

Most will agree that spending on training is a good sign — it means the company is healthy enough to invest in itself and it helps keep employees motivated by promoting from within. According to Bersin by Deloitte’s Corporate Learning Facebook, businesses across the country spent 10 percent more on corporate training in 2015 than they did in 2014, a sign of a strong economy and that companies are working to retain talent.

Companies continue to spend the most on management and leadership training. One of the most effective ways for training in this category — and all categories — is individualized plans for each person’s specific skill sets. Each employee should be trained based on their capabilities and productivity in the organization. Consider investing more in workers who are open to change and full of ideas. Channel their enthusiasm to create a culture of independent, self-paced learners who are willing to handle criticism gracefully and move on to build a better company. 

—Learn More: http://marketing.bersin.com/corporate-learning-factbook-2015.html

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A new MOOC course for a new one-of-a-kind leadership and development program launched this summer on the FutureLearn platform. The new program was created by Charter Management Institute (CMI) and The Open University Business School (OUBS). CMI and OUBS have developed the Management and Leadership: Growing as a Manager MOOC to address the growing appetite for online education by digital savvy managers. According to CMI’s 2015 Learning to Lead report, only 20 percent of managers say that digital learning they have undertaken has been accredited.

The two-part MOOC has been designed for new, aspiring or existing managers to develop professional skills. The courses are open to anyone regardless of previous qualifications or educational experience. Each course in the program takes learners three hours of study per week, over the course of four weeks. Managers will be able to update their skillset through a blended approach including social learning, self-directed study and peer learning.

After completing both parts of the MOOC, managers will be eligible to take a CMI Level 5 Award in Management and Leadership, which will help them work towards achieving professional Chartered Manager status.

—More info: www.managers.org.uk


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Version 10 (v10) of eLogic Learning’s eSSential LMS is now available to all current and new clients.

This latest version of the eSSential LMS was based off of feedback the company received from current clients as well as numerous industry analysts. The intent was to create a more modern LMS design as well as improve various features within the system for an even better user and administrator experience. It’s easy to use for both administrators and learners; has a configurable design; has an advanced e-commerce engine; robust reporting capabilities; supports many authoring tools such as Claro, Articulate and Captivate; and is supported on mobile platforms.

—Learn More: www.elogiclearning.com

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