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Learning! 100 Awards Celebration Event Announced

Celebration of Excellence Being Held in Alexandra, VA The Elearning! Media Group announced the 8th…

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Learning! 100

8th Annual Learning! 100 Award Application Deadline…

Award Honors Top Learning Organizations for Innovation, Collaboration and High Performance… Read more...

8th Annual Learning! 100 Award Call for Applications Opens

Award Program Recognizes Top 100 Global Learning Organizations Elearning! Media Group, publishers… Read more...

The 2017 Learning! 100

If there is a lesson to be learned from this year’s Learning! 100 honorees, it is that there is… Read more...

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Diversity & Learning Lab Launched

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are unique areas of both challenge and opportunity for learning professionals. To address these topics, Elliott Masie has partnered with international learning… Read more...

Learning! 100 Call for Applications

The annual Learning! 100 award program honors public and private sector organizations for innovation, collaboration and learning culture that drives performance. Applications can be submitted at:… Read more...
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Contingent Workforce to Triple by 2020

Americans are eager to work but no longer for somebody else. The number of Americans working for themselves looks to triple—to 42 million people—by 2020, according to Research Now. Millennials are… Read more...

ej4′s custom e-learning development brings your voice to engaging and effective online learning. The company has more than 60 years of instructional design experience to creating custom content that speaks to your specific needs.

Creating your own custom content ensures that your team knows exactly what they should be doing and exactly how they should be doing it.

ej4 can create custom e-learning modules that provide just the right information at just the right time. ej4’s custom e-learning brings your message and your brand to the learning experience. Your teams will relate to the content by communicating with familiar company language, look, and feel that they are already used to.

—More info: http://ej4.com/servicescustom- elearning

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Six generations of active development in mobile have resulted in hundreds of additional features being added to the CellCast Solution platform by OnPoint Digital. The new features enhance the learning experience and enable new and innovative ways to apply its solutions to solve real-world problems. A selection of the highly differentiated features available in CellCast includes:

>> Content features

>> Support for wide variety of content formats

>> Content categorization and metatags

>> Detailed reporting of all access events (who, when, what, frequency)

>> Full notification and messaging engine (email, SMS, in-app/push)

>> Full SCORM tracking (version 1.2 and 2004 with interactions)

>> Tin Can/xAPI support (online to LRS as well as offline collection)

>> Required/optional assignments and learning paths

—More info: http://onpointdigital.com/ technologies.php

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Certification Game’s first course, the Support Center Analyst course, will contain three modules: the actual content of the course, a game that will reinforce the content, and a practice quiz at the end to check for comprehension.

Certification Game, Inc. is an Austin, Texas-based company that is focused on building online training courses to prepare learners for professional certifications. The concept of the company is “Serious Learning, Not So Boring,” with a focus on building certification courses that will help the learner qualify for a new job, promotion, or a professional certification. Uniquely, Certification Game courses incorporate game mechanics in order to make learning more fun and engaging for the participant.

—More info: https://certificationgame. com  

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SAP has launched the user adoption edition of its learning offering: SAP Learning Hub. This new edition features customer learning content creation and sharing as well as in-application guidance to provide on-the-job enablement within the application, enabling organizations to train and enable their end users effectively.

SAP Learning Hub combines standard content from SAP with social learning elements and learning management system features. In the new user adoption edition, ready-made training materials from SAP are available for users and can be combined with the user’s own training content and documentation.

In addition, customers have the option to modify the materials through content services provided by SAP partners.

—More info: https://training.sap.com/ shop/learninghub  

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GuideSpark’s communication platform — tailor-made for today’s busy employees — delivers an engaging video experience that transforms employee learning and communication. Focused on deepening the connection with employees, the GuideSpark solution is cost-effective and time-efficient, delivering on-demand, customized content that simplifies complex topics and enables engagement with employees when it is convenient for them.

GuideSpark transforms employee communications from traditional methods such as emails, brochures and seminars to an engaging video experience. It simplifies important human resources topics like benefits, health-care reform and compensation programs, to make them accessible anywhere and anytime via customized videos.

Content is updated on an ongoing basis with a subscription model, ensuring the information you provide your employees is always the latest and greatest.

—More info: www.guidespark.com/solutions/

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Growth Engineering’s new Cloud-based authoring tool, Genie, has been developed to create game-based e-learning that is engaging for learners, but which also makes the process of creating e-learning fun for developers, too.

Having recognized the importance of gamification and social features to engage learners on its Academy learning management system, Growth Engineering decided to add the same gamification and social functionality to its authoring tool, with engaging results.

Genie allows content creators to collaborate on projects in real time, allowing for impressive project management, and gamification features like points, badges and achievements motivate creators to move projects forward and hit deadlines.

—More info: www.growthengineering. co.uk/genie-content-authoring-tool/

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Sage Media’s comprehensive range of video production services are ideally suited for human resource departments, proprietary training organizations, e-learning developers, facilitators and recruiters.

Sage Media heavily emphasizes the presentation of engaging stories and depicting realistic scenarios in believable training environments. Using a consultative approach, the company assists clients in identifying core development opportunities and works to develop strong characters, storylines and environments that will best convey the lessons through the use of engaging and entertaining video. The complete offering of Sage Media’s services includes story design, full-scale video production, multimedia integration, and distribution of specialized content for Web, TV, theatrical and alternative media platforms.

—More info: www.sage.media

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Saba is adding pre-configured integrations to three of the human resources industry’s most popular Cloud solutions.

Adobe Document Cloud combines the power of Acrobat and eSign services (formerly known as Adobe EchoSign), enabling users to securely edit, send, sign and track business documents from anywhere on any device.

In addition to HireRight’s background check services, Saba now integrates with HireRight’s electronic Form I-9 services, enabling the screening and employment verification process to be managed from within Saba Cloud.

Through Saba Marketplace, Saba customers will have access to PAN’s vast array of general business and industry-specific assessments, which can then be surfaced throughout Saba’s talent applications.

—More info: www.saba.com/us/technology/ marketplace/  

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Infor Learning Management is a robust end-to-end solution for creating, delivering and reporting on learning throughout your internal and extended organization. It accelerates the rate at which you can help employees achieve their full potential by improving productivity, enhancing compliance, and contributing directly to the success of your enterprise.

Offering global deployment on all mobile platforms, Infor Learning Management is suited for every organization that desires to capture, convey and expand its workforce’s knowledge:

>> Advanced certification and compliance

>> Ad hoc reporting

>> Social collaboration and community learning features

>> Learning content management and creation

>> Classroom, virtual, online, and mobile access support

>> Available in more than 35 languages

—More info: www.infor.com/product_ summary/hcm/learning-management/  

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IBM-Kenaxa’s Smarter Workforce helps organizations build an impassioned and engaged workforce to drive deeper client relationships and deliver better business outcomes. Smarter Workforce combines talent management and social collaboration solutions with the power of workforce science and cognitive analytics capabilities, to help organizations:

>> attract, engage and grow the best talent by using analytics and workforce science to predict the “best fit” for highvalue roles and help your people do meaningful work;

>> create an engaging, social and collaborative culture built on trust, transparency and responsiveness, informed by analytics and grounded in a common vision of success; and

>> connect employees, customers and partners, to enable a collaborative work experience that is in-context, powered by analytics and delivered anytime, anywhere.

—More info: www-01.ibm.com/software/ smarterworkforce/  

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