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Enterprise Learning! Conference 2017 Announces Six…

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Enterprise Learning! Conference Call for Papers Open

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Learning! 100 Award Deadline Extended to Feb. 28th Due to…

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The Best of Elearning! 2017 Voting Opens

The Industry’s Exclusive Users Choice Opens for Nominations Elearning! and Government Elearning! magazines, the industry voices of the enterprise learning and workforce technology market, announced… Read more...

99 Solutions Named Best Of Elearning!…

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The Best of Elearning! 2016 Finalists…

Executives Nominate 99 Solutions Across 29 Categories for Excellence Elearning! and GovernmentElearning! magazines, the industry voices of the enterprise learning and workforce technology market,… Read more...

Improving employee engagement (65%), personalizing learning and improving leadership skills (56%) are the top drivers for investing in learning today, reports the “2015 E-learning User Study” conducted by Elearning! magazine. The study queried 436 learning leaders across public and private sectors, 62% of whom held management titles.

Leadership development is a perennial driver. However, personalization of learning and improving engagement jumped to the top of the list in 2014. In 2013, personalization was only 4% of the respondents; it’s now the second-most-important objective. Why the shift? Wayne McCulloch, senior vice president of Salesforce, attributes it to personalization due to available technologies. Personalization was not conceivable in 2011, but with digital content, evolving learning ecosystems and data analytics, this is a reality for leading enterprises.

Learning leaders are leveraging various learning solutions to achieve these business objectives.

>> 86% are focusing on enterprise-wide learning; 61% across multiple locations and 30% multi-nationally.

>> 43% use virtual learning; 22% plan to purchase solutions within the next 12 months

>> 36% use social networking, 15% plan to purchase

>> 32% use mobile learning; 28% plan to purchase

>> 21% use MOOCs; 9% plan to purchase

>> 16% use gamification; 21% plan to purchase

>> 12% personalize learning; 14% plan to purchase

— Source: 2015 E-learning User Study at 2elearning.com

Infographic available here:  http://www.2elearning.com/images/topbusinessdrivers.png

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Marshall E-Learning, an equality and diversity specialist consultancy, has launched a tool to help businesses and their employees to better understand unconscious bias in the workplace.

Developed in partnership with the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion, the free tool enables managers to ask staff to reflect on their own biases and help businesses achieve a clear understanding of how best to manage their employee’s personal biases professionally, which is imperative for creating discrimination-free, fair, inclusive and commercially competitive organizations.

A trial of the tool is available, giving businesses a taster of the training with up to 10 of their own team. The taster helps employers to assess the business case for investing in unconscious bias training for their whole organization, from the boardroom to front line staff.

—More info: www.marshallelearning.com/unconscious-bias-tool


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Talent management practices should be more transparent, according to a new study. In a survey of 518 directors, managers and employees, 71 percent of respondents said their organization should be more open about which employees are in their company’s talent pool.

Seventy-three percent of respondents said it is apparent that some individuals get treated differently in terms of career development and progression opportunities within their organization.

Fifty-four percent of all workers surveyed said that their organization doesn’t recognize their full potential, and even 38 percent of those who are in a talent pool said their full potential is not recognized. Thirty-six percent of all respondents said their company does not track or manage their personal or career development.

Of the 23% of respondents surveyed who are currently in a talent pool, 81 percent said this motivates them to perform their job better. Meanwhile, 35 percent of those who are not in a talent pool feel demotivated as a result, reinforcing the need for clearer communications and enterprise-wide career and personal development strategies so that everybody feels supported and valued, regardless of whether they are in a talent pool or not.

—Download the full report: www2.kallidus.com/Talent-SecretSociety-SM


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Transparency and engagement are two key trends that switch the focus of human resources departments from processes to people.

Other key observations about the evolving HR function in companies, from a new whitepaper:

>> A time and attendance system is uniquely qualified to promote both transparency and engagement in an organization. Unlike other systems which focus on a user group — like customer relationship databases for sales — nearly every employee in an organization uses a time and attendance system. With this powerful tool sitting at the heart of an organization, it can shift the focus from processes to people.

>> A people-focused time and attendance system can encourage open communication and active engagement with confidential communication, automatic benefit accrual, mobile access, and personal information management. These attributes help employees experience how much an organization values their time, engagement and satisfaction.

The whitepaper is titled “HR Tech Trend: People-Focused Time and Attendance.”

—Download the paper: www.attendanceondemand.com/resources/whitepapers/hrtech-peoplefocus.html

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Much like the life cycle of a butterfly — which, as we all learned in school, begins as a caterpillar — employees have a life cycle of their own; they evolve in their careers both personally and professionally. Whether it’s an employee’s first day, 10-year anniversary or the day before retirement, organizations need programs to help educate and support their employees. Online learning tools not only help support the evolving needs of workforces at any stage, but they also can accelerate the time needed for employees to begin contributing value to their employer. After a caterpillar forms its cocoon, it can take weeks or months to see the beautiful new butterfly emerge. Similarly, finding, onboarding, training and engaging talent is a process that takes time. Every employer’s needs differ, but many organizations find success utilizing on-line learning products for every stage of the employee life cycle:

Online job fairs. Interacting with potential employees enables employers to introduce their brand and mission, and mine great talent from multiple locations.
Pre-onboarding. Employers gain an advantage and shorten the time to value by building online programs to educate new hires before they come into the office. For example, new hires can use online tools to get to know their new employer, get an overview of department responsibilities, and complete preliminary tasks before reporting on their first day. A pre-onboarding program can allow access to a learning portal even before a new hire has received company credentials, as the employer has complete control of access to the content.

Onboarding. Once new hires start, they will need to learn a lot, and quickly. Using an online learning tool can help them to learn more about their department and specific duties as well as cover Human Resources issues such as compensation, benefits and company policies. The flexibility of online learning portals allows each organization to design programs and access around its own use cases, making these tools highly effective.

Moment-of-need training. Throughout an employee’s tenure, additional training and certification may be necessary to keep the employee qualified and up to date on best practices for his or her specific duties. From formal certification to ad hoc programs, learning portals let employers document progress, supply tests and utilize engagement tools to test information retention.

Leadership. As organizations grow, communication from leadership becomes important for understanding strategy, sales reports, and quarterly or yearly updates. Programming through an online video learning portal allows employers to reach their entire workforce through a single destination that can be viewed live or on demand.

Human resources. When organizations update company policies such as vacation, health-care benefits or other important topics, learning portals make it easy for HR departments to record changes that can be viewed by everyone in the organization. In this format, employers can answer questions in real time and share documents, ensuring everyone will better understand policy changes.

Online learning portals are an effective way to consolidate resources and save time when communicating important information to a large audience. Regardless of where staff may be in the employee life cycle, online learning portals make the employer’s job of communicating and educating employees easier.

Emma King is vice president of Learning for INXPO which markets enterprise video communication solutions. More info: www.inxpo.com


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Hybrid Event Attracts Nearly 2000 Attendees

The learning industry came together at Enterprise Learning! Conference hybrid event with the three-day live event held in Manassas, VA June 8-10, and the two-day virtual held July 16-17. Eighteen hundred and ninety-seven learning professionals registered for the hybrid events to learn, network and share best practices from corporate, government, and higher education leaders.

ELC15 Hybrid conference theme of "Building Smarter Organizations" provided attendees four distinct learning tracks that included:
• Learning Environments for the Next Generation
• Smart Connected Things in Learning
• Learning Analytics & Performance in the Big Data Age
• The Learning! 100 Best Practices

"The way we conduct business and train our employees in today's world is different than any other era and the popularity of having the option to attend an on-site or virtual, from-your-desktop learning event was reflected in the robust attendance for both events," reported Catherine Upton, Group Publisher & Event Producer.

The July online event featured 6 live sessions and video broadcasts of the most popular onsite sessions. A fully live Q&A opportunity was made available to all virtual attendees during the Keynote address by Wayne
McCulloch as well as the Learning CEO Panel featuring Todd Tauber from Degreed and Malcolm Lotzof from INXPO. These live sessions included:

• Keynote: Transformation of Learning Systems – presented by Wayne McCulloch, Salesforce
• Learning CEOs Power Panel: Trends in Tech & Practices – presented by Todd Tauber, Degreed & Malcolm Lotzof, INXPO
• Agile Talent Development Strategies – presented by Davina Collins & Ryan Rose, CISCO
• Managing Your Video Assets Enterprise Wide – presented by Jeff Fissell, KZO Innovations
• 7 Tips for Creating Great Video Learning – presented by Emma King & Emma Meyer, INXPO
• Creating Engaging Virtual Learning Experiences – presented by Emma King, INXPO

Other highlights from the on-site event which were recorded and featured in the virtual event included two cutting-edge keynote addresses from: Dr. Jennifer Golbeck - Director of Human-Computer Interaction Lab, University of Maryland shocked the attendees with Analyzing the Social Web Implications for You, Your Career & Your Organization revealing how much of our personal data is out there without us even knowing! And, finally a riveting presentation by Col. Ronald Dodge- CIO & Associate Professor, West Point Military Academy. He discussed Next Generation Learning Environments and Cybersecurity and disclosed that the greatest threat to your company's Cybersecurity is the users!

The conference programming was designed by our partners, George Mason University, Defense Acquisition University and Elearning! Media Group. Over 50 sessions were hosted onsite and 20 sessions are available at ELC Online. Those that missed the event can still view this valued content, Q&A and chats on ELC Online platform. The ELC Online content can be accessed on-demand through October 16. To register and view the on-demand content, click here.

Learning! 100 Awards
The highlight at ELC15 is always the Learning! 100 Award ceremony and conference sessions. Celebrating 5 years, the Learning! 100 are comprised of 60 corporate enterprises and 40 public sector organizations. The top winner in the corporate enterprise category is Salesforce (www.salesforce.com) and the public sector winner is Defense Acquisition University (www.dau.mil). Both were honored at the 2015 awards dinner and reception on June 9th at the Hylton Center, Manassas, VA.

ELC15 hosted twenty Learning! 100 winners who share their best practices and strategies. Topics range from:

- Building the 2020 Workforce by AT&T and IBM
- Learning Culture at American Heart Association and Advance Auto Parts
- Sales Enablement at ADI- Honeywell and Allied Barton
- Next Generation Learning Systems at Waddell & Reed & US Navy,
- Talent Strategies at Leumi Bank of Israel, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate & Cisco
- Going Global at McDonald's Corporation.
- And others including GMU, DAU, Choice Logistics, FCC, DHS, DISA

"The Learning! 100 recognizes the top 100 global learning organizations for high performance. These organizations are innovative, collaborative and have a truly immersive learning culture," reports Upton.  "Organizations from 2 to 1.6 million employees are honored this year, and shows size does not matter when it comes to making a difference in the learning field."

About Enterprise Learning! Conference 
Enterprise Learning! Conference 2015 (ELC15) hosts the exclusive Learning & Workplace Technology Conference for corporate, government and higher education executives. ELC15 also hosts the Innovations in E-learning Symposium, in partnership with the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) and George Mason University (GMU). At ELC15, attendees learned from learning technology academia, share best practices from the top corporate university — Defense Acquisition University — and networked with the top global learning organizations, the 2015 Learning! 100. Altogether, ELC15 provided executives a collegial environment to network, share and learn from leaders across government, education and corporate enterprise.

Enterprise Learning! Conference 2015 Partners

About Defense Acquisition University
Defense Acquisition University is an award winning corporate university for the 150,000 members of the Defense Acquisition Workforce. DAU uses classroom and Web-based training and certification programs to keep all acquisition workforce members abreast with the latest trends, developments, resources, and information available for the acquisition community. While DAU faculty use a variety of proven teaching techniques to impart information to students, including both lecture and case-based curriculum, they are also on the forefront of innovative teaching techniques such as flipped classroom and distance-learning via Telepresence suites to reach remotely located workforce members while maintaining a low per-student cost. DAU faculty not only provide the certification training that qualified acquisition professionals need now, but continuously develop the body of acquisition knowledge to meet future learning requirements. Learn more at: www.dau.mil

About George Mason University
George Mason University is Virginia's largest public research university. Located near Washington, D.C., Mason enrolls more than 33,000 students from 130 countries and all 50 states. Mason has grown rapidly over the past half-century and is recognized for its innovation and entrepreneurship, remarkable diversity, and commitment to accessibility. Mason is setting the gold standard for the modern, public university. Its dynamic culture and innovative academic programs prepare Mason's hard-working students for 21st century careers. Its commitment to teaching excellence combines with cutting-edge research that enriches the academic experience and is literally changing the world. Mason is also one of the best values in higher education, producing graduates who lead all Virginia schools with the highest annual salaries. Learn more at: www.gmu.edu

About Elearning! Media Group
Elearning! Media Group is owned by B2B Media Group LLC. Elearning! Media Group consists of eleven media products including: Elearning! Magazine, Government Elearning! E-Magazine, e-mail newsletters, Alerts, Websites, Web seminars, the Enterprise Learning! Summit and Enterprise Learning! Conference. Elearning! Media Group serves the $220 billion learning & workplace technology market. Suppliers and practitioners can follow us: online at www.2elearning.com ; on Twitter: 2elearning or #ELSummit; via Facebook: Elearning!-Magazine or LinkedIn: Elearning! Magazine Network or Elearning! Summit.


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The 2015 FGDLA Call for Awards supporting the 2015 GV Expo (www.gvexpo.com) has been posted to the main Web page of the Federal Government Distance Learning Association (FGDLA). If you would like to nominate an associate, co-worker, or anyone deserving, the organization invites you to submit a nomination.

The award categories and description:

Five-Star: In recognition of an organization for demonstrating excellence in providing continuous support of video production and delivery of distance learning in the federal government.

Innovation: In recognition of an organization for demonstrating excellence in the innovative use of technology supporting video-based content development and delivery of distance learning in the federal government.

Pioneer: In recognition of an individual for demonstrating excellence in teaching or content development of video supporting distance learning in the federal government.

—More info: www.fgdla.us

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Katherine Archuleta, the embattled Office of Personnel Management director, resigned last week amid a cascading scandal over her handling of a massive breach of federal employee records that included security-clearance details dating back 15 years.

Archuleta, who has been at the helm of OPM since November 2013, faced pressure from a rush of lawmakers who called for her firing, including the top three House Republicans and Democratic Sen. Mark Warner, who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Most recently, sensitive information from at least 15 years of background investigations of 21.5 million employees, contractors and job applicants seeking security clearances, and their families, was compromised. That was in addition to another theft, first revealed on June 4, of personal data on 4.2 million employees, including Social Security numbers.

According to the Washington Post, "confidence in her was shaken beyond repair." Beth Cobert, OPM's deputy director for management, will take over Archuleta's job. She will now be tasked with implementing changes already underway, like boosting the use of two-factor authentication and reducing the number of "privileged users" on the agency's networks. She will also oversee the benefits provided to those affected by the hacks, and the selection of a contractor to deliver those services.

"I believe it is best for me to step aside and allow new leadership to step in, enabling the agency to move beyond the current challenges and allowing the employees at OPM to continue their important work," said a prepared statement by Archuleta. "I am honored to have led this organization and to have served alongside the incredible team at OPM. I have complete confidence in their ability to continue fulfill OPM's important mission of recruiting, retaining and honoring a world-class workforce to serve the American People."

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Exclusive Users Choice Awards Celebrates 11th Year

June 24, 2015 – Corona, CA - Elearning! and Government Elearning! magazines, today announced that the Best of Elearning! balloting is now open. Celebrating 11 years of success, The Best of Elearning! Awards recognizes best-in-class solutions for e-learning products and services across 27 product and services categories. Executives leveraging learning and workplace technologies, including readers, practitioners, and community members from both the private and public sectors, are invited to cast their vote for best-in-class solutions starting June 24, 2015.

All 100% of the nominations are placed by users in an open format. Unlike other awards events, there is no fee to nominate a solutions provider. The only requirement is that the nominations be made by users of learning and workplace technologies. Winners of selected categories will be revealed in the winter and in Elearning! Magazine's December/January 2016 "Best of Elearning!" Awards issue.

"Every year our industry evolves. In a recent survey, more than 85% of respondents have personally recommended an e-learning solution to a peer over the last 12 months," says Catherine Upton, CEO and Group Publisher, Elearning! Magazine. "Award recognition clearly impacts the decision-making process and our Best of Elearning! program formalizes this process by publishing the recommendation of actual users."

Since 2004, the Best of Elearning! and Elearning! Media Group have honored more than 300 products and services nominated by more than 25,000 executives. In 2016, the Best of Elearning! will be honored at the Celebration of Excellence Summit. Watch for future announcements.

The Voting Process
Readers, practitioners and community members are invited to nominate and vote for products and solutions via Elearning! Media Group's online ballot. The nomination period is June 23, 2015 through October 15, 2015 and ballots can be cast at: http://www.2elearning.com/bestofelearning2015ballot

Two New Categories Added
In 2015, two new categories were added to reflect the demand in adaptive learning solutions: Adaptive Learning Content and Adaptive Learning Platform were added to the ballot.

"We expect many votes this year with so many new products in the market and rate of innovation we've seen this past year," says Jerry Roche, editorial director, Elearning! Media Group. "In previous years we processed more than 4,000 nominations, and we expect an even higher volume this year. We look forward to sharing what buyers and users think about these solutions at upcoming events and in the annual December awards issue of Elearning! Magazine. "

Learn More
Previous Best of Elearning! Awards Issues of Elearning! Magazine can be accessed online at: www.2elearning.com
To learn more about The Best of Elearning! Awards, visit: Best of Elearning! Ballot

About Elearning! Media Group
Elearning! Media Group, owned by B2B Media Group, LLC, consists of 12 media products including: Elearning! Magazine, Government Elearning! magazine, e-magazines, e-mail newsletters, Alerts, website, Web Seminar Series, Elearning! Institute, Enterprise Learning! Summits and Enterprise Learning! Conference. Elearning! Media Group serves the $220 billion enterprise learning market. In combination, these brands reach more than 2 million executives, practitioners and professionals, all evaluating or implementing enterprise learning and workplace technologies across their organizations each year. Suppliers and practitioners can follow us: online at: http://www.2elearning.com; on Twitter: 2elearning, #ELC15, #ELS15; via Facebook: Elearning!-Magazine; and, LinkedIn: Elearning! Magazine Network or Enterprise Learning! Events.


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The Global Corporate Training market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.77% over the period 2014-2019, according to a new report from Research and Markets.

According to the report, the need for skill development is one of the factors driving market growth. Companies today are expanding their businesses worldwide and confronting global as well as regional competition. This competition is pushing companies to adopt advanced employee training programs.

Further, the report states that there is no method of evaluating the effectiveness of training programs. Companies use training programs to streamline their strategic business goals alongside skill development.

And with the advent of online training solutions, the report further notes, it has become easy to train geographically diversified teams. There are also new and advanced solutions for classroom training providers, so companies worldwide are showing a trend toward offering blended training sessions.

—More info: www.researchandmarkets.com/research/4c3khb/global_corporate

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