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The serious game Pacific, designed by Gamelearn, was recognized with a gold medal in the 2016 International Serious Play Awards. The award recognizes projects that promote participation and multiply learning opportunities in both the education and corporate training sectors.

Pacific is in video game format and is designed for the development of leadership skills. It was launched with the aim of becoming a practical manual on how to run and manage high-performing teams.

Pacific turns leadership into a survival adventure to develop management skills such as:

-Defining roles, responsibilities and objectives

-Analyzing the needs of the team, improving processes and increasing motivation

-Resolving conflicts within the team

-Improving communication for the delegation of tasks

-Encouraging teamwork and performance orientation

Developed in 3D animation and HTML5 language to be adaptable to a variety of devices, Pacific is available in eight languages and requires only an internet connection.

—Learn more: https://game-learn.com/


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Analysts forecast the global corporate e-learning market to grow at a CAGR of 11.41 percent through 2020 according to a report by Wise Guy Consultants, largely because enterprises of different sizes have started considering e-learning as a viable solution to issues related to their budget and productivity. The introduction of social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies have also contributed to the adoption of e-learning solutions. Corporate e-learning comprises all forms of electronically sustained learning and teaching tools used by organizations to facilitate continuous learning and development of their workforce.


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5.12 Solutions Consulting Group is launching its first technology product, Coachmetrix. Sparked from a desire to innovate traditional, off-line leadership development programs, Coachmetrix offers web-based technology to optimize and measure the impact leaders make on organizations. The platform features tools that support widely-used leadership development practices like goal-setting and action-planning, but adds ongoing pulse feedback and progress metrics for more focused coaching sessions.

Coaches and trainers can easily deliver content specific to the participant and manage all communication and progress right from the main dashboard. Participants can create a secure cloud-based action plan and designate supporters to provide ongoing pulse feedback on specific behaviors related to their goals. Supporters' feedback ratings are graphed with participant self-assessment ratings for important input to 1-1 coaching sessions and tracking overall progress toward goals. Over time, these progress metrics provide a clear understanding of actual behavior changes that influence company culture and the bottom line.

—More info: www.512solutions.com


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GC Learning Services, LLC is launching a new library on the Coggno platform offering universal, affordable, off-the-shelf generic training courses for sale in celebration of its 20th anniversary. A discount is being offered to companies who purchase a minimum of 10 licenses.

The new platform enables companies to easily download licensed courses for immediate use for one, ten, or hundreds of employees at a time at discounted bulk rates. The first course, titled Effective Meeting Strategies, takes the learner through a five-step process on how to conduct an effective meeting. From creating an agenda to assigning action items, participants learn how to have successful and effective meetings. Courses include audio, video, offline activities such as worksheets, graded assessments and printable certificates upon passing completion of each course.

—Learn More: www.gclearningservices.com

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Companies increased spending on training by 10 percent in 2015.

Most will agree that spending on training is a good sign — it means the company is healthy enough to invest in itself and it helps keep employees motivated by promoting from within. According to Bersin by Deloitte’s Corporate Learning Facebook, businesses across the country spent 10 percent more on corporate training in 2015 than they did in 2014, a sign of a strong economy and that companies are working to retain talent.

Companies continue to spend the most on management and leadership training. One of the most effective ways for training in this category — and all categories — is individualized plans for each person’s specific skill sets. Each employee should be trained based on their capabilities and productivity in the organization. Consider investing more in workers who are open to change and full of ideas. Channel their enthusiasm to create a culture of independent, self-paced learners who are willing to handle criticism gracefully and move on to build a better company. 

—Learn More: http://marketing.bersin.com/corporate-learning-factbook-2015.html

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A new MOOC course for a new one-of-a-kind leadership and development program launched this summer on the FutureLearn platform. The new program was created by Charter Management Institute (CMI) and The Open University Business School (OUBS). CMI and OUBS have developed the Management and Leadership: Growing as a Manager MOOC to address the growing appetite for online education by digital savvy managers. According to CMI’s 2015 Learning to Lead report, only 20 percent of managers say that digital learning they have undertaken has been accredited.

The two-part MOOC has been designed for new, aspiring or existing managers to develop professional skills. The courses are open to anyone regardless of previous qualifications or educational experience. Each course in the program takes learners three hours of study per week, over the course of four weeks. Managers will be able to update their skillset through a blended approach including social learning, self-directed study and peer learning.

After completing both parts of the MOOC, managers will be eligible to take a CMI Level 5 Award in Management and Leadership, which will help them work towards achieving professional Chartered Manager status.

—More info: www.managers.org.uk


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Version 10 (v10) of eLogic Learning’s eSSential LMS is now available to all current and new clients.

This latest version of the eSSential LMS was based off of feedback the company received from current clients as well as numerous industry analysts. The intent was to create a more modern LMS design as well as improve various features within the system for an even better user and administrator experience. It’s easy to use for both administrators and learners; has a configurable design; has an advanced e-commerce engine; robust reporting capabilities; supports many authoring tools such as Claro, Articulate and Captivate; and is supported on mobile platforms.

—Learn More: www.elogiclearning.com

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Annual performance reviews are on their way out and many large companies are shifting their ways to measure employee benchmarks in relation to their goals. In February, IBM launched an app, Checkpoint, for employees to set shorter-term goals and have managers review them and give them feedback at least quarterly. Even General Electric, which once prophesized the annual performance review, is walking away from it. Previously known for ranking employees each year and firing the bottom 10 percent (that system was ended about a decade ago), it’s now ending annual performance reviews and legacy performance management system in favor of more frequent feedback via an app.

IBM and General Electric may be on the right track: 45 percent of HR leaders do not think annual performance reviews are an accurate appraisal for employee’s work and 42 percent do not think employees are rewarded according to their job performance according to a SHRM/Globoforce survey. Frequent feedback and employee recognition programs are two ways for organizations to meet challenges.

—More info: http://www.globoforce.com/news/press-releases-archive/shrmgloboforce-survey-reveals-growing-impact-of-recognition-programs-on-performance-management/


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In the past, universities had their choice on top Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineers, but with technology giants Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Baidu expanding their AI activities to $8.5 billion in deals in 2015 alone, universities are having a hard time keeping up with the high salaries and exuberant perks that so often come with Silicon Valley.

Those students in the highest demand are experts in machine learning, tech companies have them perform many tasks such as spam-filtering, targeting better online ad placement, building self-driving cars and machines that spot diseases from images.

In the Deep Learning field, where computers gather conclusions based on data sets similar to a human brain, nearly 40 percent of papers are written by corporate-affiliated authors according to a University of Toronto study. 

Graduates are drawn to large tech firms for more than just the salary and the perks — most grant them access to lots of computing power and large data sets — and the freedom from the uncertainty of securing research grants.

Another risk seen in this trend is that most large tech companies are located in the United States. Countries such as Canada, who have been focusing on AI for a long time, will be hurt if their brightest staff members and graduates relocate across the border.

—Learn More: www.quid.com; www.utoronto.ca

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Deals and sessions focused on artificial intelligence and its role in the future.

Allen & Co. hosted its 34th annual conference in Sun Valley, Idaho and many of that United States’ most powerful business and technology professionals attended the event. Machine technology was heavily emphasized during the week-long event. General Motors is cutting deals with Apple and Google to create connected dashboards for some of its cars as a way to combat the rise of Uber and the onslaught of automated technology. Sony is working on a robot that builds an emotional bond with people.

Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, talked about the increase in machine technology and its effects on careers, not just in the manufacturing sphere, but in the professional sphere as well. Doctors, attorneys and others will be able to mine large amounts of data with the new technology in as little as 20 years. Hoffman believes that this could be good for the American economy because it is very tech-centric, but Americans need to tread cautiously. “Yes, jobs are going away; we’ve got to focus on entrepreneurship and creating new jobs,” he told CNBC. One of the ways people can prepare themselves for this shift is to have the technology knowledge, capabilities and skillsets to work with machines.

—Learn More: http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000532708


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