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Learning! 100 Awards Celebration Event Announced

Celebration of Excellence Being Held in Alexandra, VA The Elearning! Media Group announced the 8th…

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Learning! 100

8th Annual Learning! 100 Award Application Deadline…

Award Honors Top Learning Organizations for Innovation, Collaboration and High Performance… Read more...

8th Annual Learning! 100 Award Call for Applications Opens

Award Program Recognizes Top 100 Global Learning Organizations Elearning! Media Group, publishers… Read more...

The 2017 Learning! 100

If there is a lesson to be learned from this year’s Learning! 100 honorees, it is that there is… Read more...

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Diversity & Learning Lab Launched

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are unique areas of both challenge and opportunity for learning professionals. To address these topics, Elliott Masie has partnered with international learning… Read more...

Learning! 100 Call for Applications

The annual Learning! 100 award program honors public and private sector organizations for innovation, collaboration and learning culture that drives performance. Applications can be submitted at:… Read more...
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Contingent Workforce to Triple by 2020

Americans are eager to work but no longer for somebody else. The number of Americans working for themselves looks to triple—to 42 million people—by 2020, according to Research Now. Millennials are… Read more...
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Elearning! and Government Elearning! magazines, the industry voices of the enterprise learning and workforce technology market, has announced that the Best of Elearning! Awards 2014 voting is now open. Celebrating 10 years of success, The Best of Elearning! Awards recognizes best-in-class solutions across 27 product and services categories.

Executives leveraging learning and workplace technologies, including readers, practitioners, and community members from both the private and public sectors, are invited to cast their vote for best-in-class solutions starting March 15.

There is no “short list” of brands from which to select. All 100% of the nominations are placed by users in an open format. Unlike other awards events, there is no fee to nominate a solutions provider. The only requirement is that the nominations be made by users of learning and workplace technologies.  Winners of selected categories will be revealed at the Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo (ELCE) on August 27, 2014, and at the Enterprise Learning! Summit on December 4, 2014.

“There are many new features of this year’s awards program,” said Catherine Upton, Group Publisher, Elearning! Media Group. “Every year our industry evolves, and we add new categories to reflect the innovation. This year, we added Best MOOC Platform, Best Multi-Featured E-learning Solution and two highly distinguished honors for Best New Product of The Year and Best Solution Overall.”

Since 2004, The Best of Elearning! and Elearning! Media Group has honored more than 300 products and services nominated by more than 25,000 executives. In 2011, the awards moved to the Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo (ELCE), where the industry continues to recognize and honor excellence.

In 2014, ELCE also offers attendees a much more comprehensive view of solutions that have significant impact.  ELCE 2014 hosts a dedicated conference track on Technology at Work, as well as two full day pre-conference programs on “Content Solutions Selection” and “Learning & Talent System Selection.” In partnership with selected solution providers and their Global 2500 clients, executives can see, share and learn how to best source, evaluate, deploy and measure impact of these investments. 

The Voting Process

Readers, practitioners and community members are invited to nominate and vote for products and solutions via Elearning! Media Group’s online ballot.  The nomination period is March 15 through May 1, 2014 and ballots can be cast at: http://www.2elearning.com/Best_of_Elearning!_Awards_2014.html

New Vote Counting Process

In addition to the four new categories added to the 2014 ballot, The Best of Elearning! ballot counting process is being modified. In 2014, a single product can be recognized only in its most relevant category. For example, an e-learning development tool may have a content management element, as well as Web meeting capability. However, at the core, it is an e-learning development tool and would qualify for that category over the others.

“We expect many votes this year with the new format, new categories and rate of innovation in the marketplace,” said Richard Acello, Editorial Director, Elearning! Media Group. “In previous years we processed more than 4,000 nominations, and we expect an even higher volume this year. We look forward to sharing what buyers and users think about these solutions at upcoming events and in the annual December awards issue of Elearning! Magazine. “

Learn More

Previous Best of Elearning! Awards Issues of Elearning! Magazine can be accessed online at: www.2elearning.com

To learn more about The Best of Elearning! Awards, visit: http://www.2elearning.com/awards/best-of-elearning-awards

[Registration has closed as the event has concluded.]

To learn more about the Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo, August 2014, visit: www.ELCEShow.com


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Chronus, a provider of sofware for talent and career development, recently released a signifcant update to its Mentor sofware, which helps organizations start, manage, and measure mentoring programs. Engage- ment Plans is a new feature that guides participants through the mentoring process to realize program goals, improving ROI of a mentoring program.

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In response to the human resource industry’s increasing interest in video capabilities, iCIMS, Inc., has released its newest Power-Up: Video Cover Letter. 

Upon request, candidates record a short video using their smartphone, tablet or webcam, and recruiters review the clip as part of their screening process. Job seekers are able to showcase their skills in a way that traditional cover letters simply don’t allow, and recruiters get a sneak peek into a candidate’s personality and professionalism before scheduling an on-site or phone interview. The solution, which will become available to customers in early 2014, is currently in beta inter- nally at iCIMS.

Video Cover Letters will help further a company’s geographical reach for candidates while cutting traveling costs and enabling candidates to better represent themselves.

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KnowledgeAdvisors has released three new Big Data Solutions for talent development and HR professionals, designed and developed to help organizations understand major talent questions regarding drivers of engagement and retention, factors that drive high-performers, talent attraction and selection, gaps in the talent pool, linkage to customer satisfaction, and more:

The Big Data Module easily combines an organization’s talent, learning and business data, allowing them to quickly explore and visualize their data to make it easy to understand trends and patterns, and providing the ability to drill down to get to answers quickly.

The Big Data Feed is for organizations that want to build their own Big Data solution to integrate with their critical talent data.

Outsourced Big Data Analysis Services also include customized dashboards tailored directly to your organization’s KPIs and executive-level presentations deliv- ered to your organization’s executives, C-suite or Board.

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Brainshark, a provider of cloud-based business presentations, said that audiences around the world have viewed Brainshark presentations more than 110 million times. More than two billion minutes (3,805 years) of Brainshark content have been consumed to date, with a presentation viewed every 1.1 seconds last year. Brainshark’s 2013 fiscal year also marked strong continued growth, with the company delivering profitable operating results for the seventh consecutive year. Brainshark’s technology turns static documents, such as PowerPoints, into trackable, interactive online presentations that can be viewed anytime and on-demand, including from mobile devices. 

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Apps that drive mobile communication will drive a market in apps that’s expected to double by 2017.

In May 2013, Google announced one million apps and games were available in Google Play, a 43% increase from 700,000 in October 2012. Apple reached the one million milestone in October, and while its growth was slower than Google’s, the increase in available apps was equally significant (43% over October 2012).

Research firms project the annual total will increase substantially in the coming years as smartphone and tablet usage grows worldwide. Portio Research estimated the number of annual downloads would top 200 billion in 2017—two-and-a-half times 2013’s 82 billion. Juniper Research forecast the number of downloads worldwide would double in the span of four years, rising from 80 billion to 160 billion between 2013 and 2017.

By a large margin, browsing the app store is the most common method consumers use to find new apps. In March 2013 polling, InMobi found that just over half (55%) of U.S. smartphone users typically browsed the app store to find new mobile apps. Roughly one in three sought out apps that were personally recommended to them. In terms of frequency, nearly one in four searched for new apps daily, and a similar share (26%) hunted for new apps weekly.

–More info: www.emarketer.com


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Temkin Group has released new research, Introducing Employee-Engaging Transformation, that identifies what it takes for large organizations to improve customer experience (CX) by driving and sustaining change.

Temkin Group's research uncovered a core insight: CX transformation must be focused on changing the way employees do their every-day jobs. Based on this finding, Temkin Group has developed an approach to CX change that it calls Employee-Engaging Transformation (EET), which it defines as, "Aligning employee attitudes and behaviors with the organization's desire to change."

To succeed with EET, organizations must master five practices:

>>Vision Translation: Connect Employees with the Vision. The organization clearly defines and conveys not only what the future state is, but why moving away from the current state is imperative for the organization, its employees, and its customers.

>>Persistent Leadership: Attack Ongoing Obstacles. Leaders realize that change is a long-term journey and commit to working together until the organization has fully embedded the transformation into its systems and processes.

>>Activated Middle Management: Enlist Key Influencers. Middle managers are invested in the transformation and understand their unique role in supporting their employees' change journeys.

>>Grassroots Mobilization: Empower Employees to Change. Frontline employees operate in an environment where they help to shape and are enabled to deliver the change.

>>Captivating Communications: Share Impactful, Informative Messages. The organization shares information about the change through a variety of means that balance both the practical and the inspirational elements for each target audience.


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KnowledgeAdvisors has released three new Big Data Solutions for talent development and HR professionals. The new Big Data Solutions are designed and developed to help organizations understand major talent questions regarding drivers of engagement and retention, factors that drive high-performers, talent attraction and selection, gaps in the talent pool, linkage to customer satisfaction, and more.
KnowledgeAdvisors’ Big Data Solutions include:
1) Big Data Module: The Metrics that Matter® Big Data Module combines an organization’s talent, learning and business data, allowing users to explore and visualize their data to make it easy to understand trends and patterns, and providing the ability to drill down to get to answers quickly.
2) Big Data Feed: For organizations that want to build their own Big Data solution to integrate with their critical talent data, KnowledgeAdvisors offers a dedicated Big Data feed.
3) Outsourced Big Data Analysis Service: Building real analytics talent can take time, and even well respected organizations can struggle to hire, train and develop the right people to do the job well. Many organizations simply do not have resources, time or skill set to analyze their learning and talent data.
Services also include customized dashboards and executive-level presentations delivered to an organization’s executives, C-suite or Board.

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In Government Elearning! Magazines' E-learning User Study, 87% of respondents have an active or planned enterprise learning initiative. This study reports the views from 200 public sector organizations, out of 600 surveyed, and provides insights into the application of enterprise-learning and workplace technologies. For the purposes of this report, public sector includes government entities, associations and non-profit organizations, and educational institutions.

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Global executives are suffering from a crisis of confidence. According to a survey by Harvard Business Publishing, only 32% of the 800+ respondents believe that their organizations
have the right leadership talent and skills to achieve theirorganizations’ strategic goals. Just 31% are confident their leaders have the right leadership skills.

Other statistics:

>> 43% of talent development professionals say that the most significant goal for leadership development is to drive business transformation. 

>> 40% see getting participants to commit time away from their job to participate as the most difficult challenge to initiating a new leadership development initiative.

>> There is now a strong focus (80%) on middle managers needing to develop change management capabilities. Respondents also see leadership mindset (77%), communication
skills (76%), talent management (76%), and broad general management capability (64%) as development priorities for middle managers.

—More info: www.harvardbusiness.org

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