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13 Web Seminar Benchmarks: How Do Your Seminars Stack Up?

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Thousands of web seminars are delivered every day for sales, training and internal communications. But, how do your seminars compare?

In a study of 16,481 web seminars conducted, ON24 offered these 13 benchmarks.

  1. Thursday is the best day to host a web seminar. The worst day to host a seminar is Saturday or Sunday (3%) or Friday (8%.)
  2. 56% of attendees register with 7 days of the event, and 25% do on day of seminar.
  3. 11 AM PT is the best time to host a session.
  4. Attendees average 55 minutes in the session which has not changed significantly since 2013.
  5. 46% of registered attendees participate in live day sessions.
  6. Internal company communications seminars have the highest live day attendance at 54%.
  7. 45% of registrants attend live training seminars.
  8. Marketing seminars have the lowest attendance rate of 36%.
  9. 25% of seminars host 300-1000 attendees.
  10. 47% of seminars host 100-199 people on live day.
  11. Attendee engagement is most likely to be Q&A (82%) or resource downloads (66%.)
  12. 18% of sessions hosted video in 2017.
  13. 33% of registrants watch only on-demand seminars, and do within with 1 week of the live event.

Download the free benchmark study at: http://communications.on24.com/EB---AM---2017-03-29-Benchmarks-Report-Send_Benchmarks-Report-Registration

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