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Leadership Redefined for 2017

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Leading others in the new world of work looks profoundly different from managing employees in previous decades. New generations entering the workforce pose major challenges for those in leadership positions holding on to outdated management styles and hierarchical position thinking. The impact of an open talent economy, the power of social networks, and increased access to knowledge and information have freed many employees from autocratic management styles, leading to a new social dynamic between leaders and followers.

“As leaders are being asked to intensify their efforts to respond, guide, and lead (instead of manage and control), the way organizations assess, identify, and develop leaders must also evolve,” reports Andrea Derler, Leadership Development Analyst, Deloitte.

There are five big trends are on the horizon in the areas of leadership and succession management:

  1. Leadership in the open talent economy
  2. Formal leadership programs under scrutiny
  3. The meaning of high potential
  4. Digital leadership
  5. Building collaboration and alignment between HR and business leaders

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