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Learning! 100

8th Annual Learning! 100 Award Call for Applications Opens

Award Program Recognizes Top 100 Global Learning Organizations Elearning! Media Group, publishers… Read more...

The 2017 Learning! 100

If there is a lesson to be learned from this year’s Learning! 100 honorees, it is that there is… Read more...

The 2017 Learning! 100

If there is a lesson to be learned from this year’s Learning! 100 honorees, it is that there is… Read more...

Best of Elearning!

The 2017 Learning! 100

If there is a lesson to be learned from this year’s Learning! 100 honorees, it is that there is always room for improvement, that learning organizations cannot stand pat from year to year, no matter… Read more...

99 Solutions Named Best Of Elearning!…

The 2016 “Best of Elearning!” awards honor best-in-class solutions across the learning and technology marketplace. Celebrating their 12th year, these honors are bestowed across 27 different… Read more...

The 2017 Learning! 100

If there is a lesson to be learned from this year’s Learning! 100 honorees, it is that there is always room for improvement, that learning organizations cannot stand pat from year to year, no matter… Read more...

City and county governments are finding that Internet of Things (IoT) technology is helping them effectively serve their constituents.

According to an article at, "Every day, cheaply manufactured sensors are being placed underground, into buildings and into people's pockets — and government is finding that the arrangement suits its needs nicely. From tasks as small as shaving a few seconds off a person's commute or finding a parking space to saving the lives of lost hikers, IoT technology is changing how governments serve their citizens."

The article cites partnerships between cities like Boston and Los Angeles with Waze, a popular mobile app, to better understand traffic patterns within their boundaries. And in San Francisco, "smart" parking meters can notify commuters about parking options that are current to the minute.

"The idea of greater connectivity between people and the infrastructure they use daily is very exciting, because it opens opportunities for new functionality," the article notes.

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The number of overall IoT connections will more than quadruple between 2014 and 2020, according to a Verizon Enterprise Solutions report released Feb. 23.
Verizon predicts that best-in-class organizations that extensively use IoT technologies in their products and operations will be up to 10% more profitable within 10 years.

"IoT offers organizations the opportunity to transform how they operate, and gives both new entrants and established players the ability to innovate and disrupt," notes the report, which defines IoT, tells what organizations are doing with it, and gives some recommendations on how to get the most out of this new trend. For instance:

>> Transportation companies are saving millions of dollars by reducing fuel consumption using data captured, transmitted and analyzed in near real-time.

>> Local governments are making budgets go further with LED smart street lighting that doesn't need regular maintenance, but can automatically report when it needs to be repaired.

>> Utility companies are eliminating costly and inconvenient home visits to read meters by introducing smart meters that report more granular usage data without human intervention.

"The opportunity for IoT-enabled transformation has grown massively in the last couple of years, and continues to do so," the report further states, citing also the declining cost of sensors, connectivity and data-processing power.

"In 2014," Verizon observes, "we saw a 45% year-over-year revenue growth in our IoT business, with 4GLTE activations growing by 135%. Today, Verizon manages more than 15 million IoT-enabled connections for a wide range of industries."

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Dr. Karl Kapp shares where gamification of corporate learning is headed:

1Gamification becomes integrated in the larger strategy. Organizations are recognizing that gamification is a fresh tool in much bigger toolkit to help make learning a continuous and engaging process.

2Integration of gamification into more delivery methods like webinars and mobile devices.

3Gamification gains more traction internationally, in countries like China, India, Canada, Mexico and parts of South America. According to M2 Research, in just two years gamification will grow from a $500 million to a $2.8 billion market.

4Gamification to expand into leadership development, safety/compliance, R&D, accounting, onboarding and more.

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Here’s some of what HR professionals can look forward to when recruiting their next set of employees:

1Death of the résumé. Employers want to be able to learn about a candidate’s former company in one click, through social media, blogging, micro-blogging, site referrals or video.

2Digital conversation through visual media will increase with the rise of mostly visual social sharing communities like Pinterest and Tumblr.

3Community-oriented talent pools and social media will dominate recruiting.

4Mobile-friendly career sites where people can easily view jobs.

5Sourcing tools will leverage Big Data to offer real-time access to 1 billion virtual résumés.

—More trends:

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Access to information is power! Today, 98% of your staff uses at least one mobile device at work. And, 79% want 24/7 access to the workplace.

Anytime mobile access to enterprise information has major implications for your organization. In this session, three experts at the forefront of the mobile enterprise and performance support share their insights. Colin Forward outlines the current and future mobile landscape, as well as strategies to expand your mobile capabilities. Peter Berking and Jason Haag, will share ADL's mLearning design and performance support reference model. Discover how APIx and MoTIF can jumpstart your mLearning programs.


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The 2015 Learning! Organizations from Public and Private Sectors Present at ELC15

Corona, CA - May 8th, 2015—Today, the Elearning! Media Group, producers of the Enterprise Learning! Conference 2015, announced the 2015 Learning! 100 session hosted by learning leaders across the globe. Organizations from public and private sector convene to celebrate excellence, network and share best practices and lessons learned at the 5th Annual Learning! 100 Award hosted at ELC15.

"We are honored to host the top global learning organizations at the conference," reports Catherine Upton, Conference Co-Chair. "We believe excellence is best achieved when shared, so we invite honorees to share their advice, best practices, tips and more with the larger learning community. More than 20 organizations are presenting their programs at ELC15," she continues.

Learning! 100 winners presenting sessions include: AT&T, Saleforce, IBM, Cisco, Skillsoft, George Mason University, Defense Acquisition University, and many more. "We have winners from Israel, Denmark, United Kingdom, as well as global organizations. Enterprises number as few as 2 up to 1.6 million employees. The Learning! 100 is a diverse mix of innovative organizations driving performance by re-inventing learning within their organizations," concludes Upton.

Learning! 100 Keynotes at ELC15

Learning! 100 organizations start off ELC from the Opening Keynote. Attendees can meet senior learning officers in both the public and private sectors, giving them a cross-industry view of innovations and how these different strategies helped them win Learning! 100 Awards.  Wayne McCulloch, Sr. Vice President, Salesforce is the Opening Keynote on Tuesday, June 9th presenting "The Transformation of Learning & Ecosystems." As learning leader at Salesforce, named Most Innovative Company by Forbes Magazine, 5 years running, Wayne will share his vision of the next generation of learning ecosystems. Salesforce embraces Mobile first, Chatter collaboration and WAVE, a new visual big data application. How is Salesforce's innovative culture translating to learning?

Jennifer Golbeck, Director of the Human-Computer Lab at University of Maryland is the Afternoon Keynote on Tuesday, June 9th, presenting "Analyzing the social Web- Implications for You, Your Career & Your Organization." As a world leader in social media research, Jennifer shares ways to best leverage the vast array of social data both in private and professional lives.

Coronel Ronald Dodge, CIO at US Military Academy West Point, is the Opening Keynote on Wednesday, June 10th, where he shares his insights and expertise on "Next Generation Learning Environments and Cybersecurity." COL Dodge has led research on emerging learning technologies and grew cybersecurity awareness programs around the US through innovative use of virtualization and training. Discover how to best protect your systems as you expand online, cloud and extended enterprises.

Sample of Learning! 100 Sessions at ELC15:
• Learning! 100: Growing the High Performance Workforce presented by AT&T and IBM.
• Education 2030 presented by National Defense University
• Leveraging Crowdsourced Strategies for Gaming presented by Defense Acquisition University
• Learning! 100: Learning Culture presented by American Heart Association & Advance Auto Parts
• Teaching for all Learning Styles hosted by George Mason University
• Learning! 100: Sales Enablement by ADI-Global, a Honeywell Co. and AlliedBarton
• Big Data Applied Learning Outcomes by IBM and Skillsoft
• Next Generation Learning: Applied by US Navy & Waddell & Reed
• The Tech Select Decision Aide by George Mason University
• Maintaining a Learning Culture through Organizational Change by Choice Logistics
• Learning! 100: Going Rogue for Global Learning by McDonald's Corporation
• The 21st Century Learning by Management Concepts
• Learning Data Analytics and Experience API (xAPI) by ADL Initiative
• Learning! 100: Talent Strategies by Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate & Leumi Bank of Israel

How to Register for Enterprise Learning! Conference
Register now to secure your three day conference pass. Government, Education and Non-profits, as well as teams of 3 or more earn 30% off when registering at To learn about sponsorship opportunities, contact Sales at 888-201-2841 x842 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
About Enterprise Learning! Conference

Since 2008, Enterprise Learning! Events bring onsite and online audiences together to learn, network and share. The Enterprise Learning! Conference is the exclusive learning and workplace technology conference, on June 8-10, 2015 at the Hylton Center, Manassas, VA. Enterprise Learning! Conference hosts the Learning! 100 Award. The Enterprise Learning! Conference Online edition is slated for July 16th, 2015 featuring new and more exclusive content. For more information about the Enterprise Learning! Conference, visit

About Elearning! Media Group
Elearning! Media Group, owned by B2B Media Group, LLC, consists of 12 media products including: Elearning! Magazine, Government Elearning! magazine, e-magazines, e-mail newsletters, Alerts, website, Web Seminar Series, Elearning! Institute, Enterprise Learning! Summits and Enterprise Learning! Conference. Elearning! Media Group serves the $220 billion enterprise learning market. In combination, these brands reach more than 2 million executives, practitioners and professionals, all evaluating or implementing enterprise learning and workplace technologies across their organizations each year. Suppliers and practitioners can follow us: online at:; on Twitter: 2elearning, #ELC15, #ELS15; via Facebook: Elearning!-Magazine; and, LinkedIn: Elearning! Magazine Network or Enterprise Learning! Events.


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Corona, CA April 9, 2015 -- The Enterprise Learning! Conference 2015 (ELC15) has unveiled the conference line-up for the June 8-10, 2015 event in Manassas, VA. The ELC will feature four distinct conference tracks for beginners to experts that support the theme of 'Building Smarter Organizations.' They are: Learning Environments for the Next Generation; Smart Connected Things in Learning; Learning Analytics & Performance in the Big Data Age and The Learning! 100 Best Practices.

Learning and the ecosystems that drive it are experiencing a massive transformation. Learning Environments for the Next Generation track is all about Building the Smart Environment. Advances in technology are enabling different and interesting ways of experiencing learning outside the traditional classroom. Presenters focus on increasing understanding of how future learners will use technologies to meet the life-long learning challenges of the 21st century; And, focus on how emerging technologies, culture, and socio-technical systems will influence the way we can and will learn throughout the learning cycle: during personal learning, collaboration among peers, informal learning, when we are at work, play, and in a community.

The industry's top learning leaders has designed sessions to help executives design learning for the now and the next generation of learners. The following sessions will be offered in the Learning Environments for the Next Generation track:

>> Keynote: Transformation of Learning & Ecosystems
>> Keynote: Next Generation Learning Environments & Cybersecurity
>> Building the High Performance Organization
>> Learning in the Cloud: Preparing for Learning in the New World
>> Creating Engaging Virtual Learning Experiences
>> Video Learning Revolution
>> Short & Social: Transforming Training for the Next Generations of Learners
>> Secrets of the 21st Century Learners Brain: 4 Keys to Maximizing Learning Outcomes
>> Leveraging Crowdsourcing Strategies in Game Development
>> Education 2030
>> The Role of Learning Theories in MOOC Research & Design
>> Development of Taxonomies of Learning Environments
>> How to Use Knowledge Management to Build a Smarter Organization
>> Involution: How Today's Leaders are Changing Organizational DNA
>> Next Generation Learning: Applied by the Learning! 100
>> The Tech Select Decision Aide

"We will see more new technology introduced in the next 5 years than most people have seen in their lifetime. The sessions offered at the Enterprise Learning! Conference will help you evolve your learning experiences to be personalized, predictive and connected with the goal of driving engagement and performance. " said Catherine Upton, ELC15 conference chair. "Multi-generational learners will experience learning differently. Systems will be push to the talent before they even know they need it anywhere at anytime. It is an exciting time to be in learning and workplace technology. ELC attendees will see these processes at work in public and private sector environments."

All sessions will take place June 8-10, 2015 at the Hylton Center in Manassas, VA. For more information visit


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The American Cancer Society has chosen Weejee Learning to create an interactive program to be utilized by "Relay for Life" volunteers. The customized training will assist in strengthening and enhancing the experience of committee members, event volunteers and ambassadors participating in the runs and walks hosted around the country.

"Relay for Life" is an organized, overnight community walk in which teams of people camp out around a track taking turns walking. It has raised nearly $5 billion to date with the help of more than 4 million people in over 20 countries each year.

Weejee is designing a complete and comprehensive training program, including 13 e-learning modules that will engage volunteers by using actual volunteer scenarios, success stories and real-life examples. By leveraging gamification elements, Weejee will increase volunteer engagement and accelerate training completion.

—More info:

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The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), a world business organization, has launched the ICC Academy. Delivered via a digital platform, the Academy will provide rigorous, relevant and applicable business education.  

The Academy is launched in partnership with International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, a government agency that promotes international trade and assists Singapore companies to internationalize. It will serve as a center of excellence and thought leadership for the global business community.

The ICC Academy promotes the highest standards of excellence in global professional education, providing a wide range of specialized programs that are recognized worldwide. The courses are designed and taught by ICC's roster of experts and practitioners, incorporating insights from external senior business leaders and policymakers. Courses are delivered via a dynamic digital platform, using innovative tools to give the Academy global reach. The ICC Academy can therefore offer those in developing and remote regions the same access to world-class professional education as those in advanced economies – developing skills even in the most challenging locations.

"E-learning initiatives are being adopted as a means of maximizing educational budgets as well as expanding the potential breadth of audience — without compromising on the quality or depth of learning," says John Danilovich, secretary general of ICC. "Provided users have access to the Internet, distance learning means there will be no inequalities with respect to educational potential via the ICC Academy — no matter where an individual is situated."

The use of a digital platform also allows ICC to centralize the Academy in one location: Singapore, which is an established international trade hub, underpinned by its strategic location and presence of a strong trading community.  The ICC Academy will draw on ICC expertise in specialist fields, starting with a faculty in banking and trade finance shaped by more than 600 banking experts from 110 countries. The faculty features around 70 online courses and two global certificates in trade finance. Following this initial trade finance focus, the ICC Academy will broaden its scope, introducing new curricula, spanning all ICC competences from international law to anti-corruption.

—More info:

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Morris Koffa, an American Public University graduate, has helped establish a non-profit organization, Africa Environmental Watch. In this article, he discusses his group's work with local governments in Africa to provide better education and leadership resources for its citizens, helping prevent events such as the Ebola crisis.

Q: What is the Africa Environmental Watch, and what's your role within the organization?

Koffa: I am the co-founder of the Africa Environmental Watch, which was formerly the Liberia Environmental Watch. Our initial purpose was to deal with post-war environmental issues following the 14-year civil conflict ending in 2003. There were many serious environmental and humanitarian issues in Liberia; today, this includes the current Ebola contagion. We also include issues impacting the entire African community — and we're continuing our mission by providing environmental expertise on protecting human health and the environment through educational awareness. It's our hope to create, lead and maintain safe living environments and a sustainable future for all of Africa's citizens.

Q: What is your approach to leadership, and what's the impact you've experienced as a result of your work?

Koffa: When I meet with leaders, I share a clear sense of direction and leadership — much of which I learned during my studies at American Public University. I find there needs to be passion for your work. Passion inspires leaders to make a difference, therefore driving protocol, which is how you create a level of connection with the people and the causes you support. Leadership is about how effective you are in creating new relationships and building upon established ones to bring together the science, policies, procedures and awareness that's needed to solve problems. So I talk about the need for creating partnerships as well as for education to drive worldwide impact.I emphasize education, because there is a deficiency. Working with the Liberian EPA, I found that about 90 percent of the agency's 150 employees had less education than a high school diploma. It's difficult to solve technical issues with this lack of training. We volunteered our time to educate people, starting with how to do an environmental impact assessment (EIA). That worked well, but we also wanted to ensure the next step was addressed, which was leadership training.

It is critical for any organization, agency or country as a whole to overcome the lack of training and education. Then you must provide the right leadership skills to actualize the training into results. Only when you have trained, well-qualified people who know exactly what they must do, can you achieve the greater goal. It's through education, training and effective leadership communication that we can bring change in the traditional protocols to eradicate this crisis.

We've helped to create a level of heightened awareness that never existed before. Today, no company does business without first conducting an environmental impact assessment. We've also added a corporate social responsibility clause, which ensures that corporations provide incentives for the communities in which they operate, including employment, schools, clinics and more. It's all about development through education, training and opportunity.  We hope to build on the progress that is under way in hopes we can reach a level in Liberia so (a) it's no longer considered a country of misfortune, but instead, a country of hope and (b) to inspire positive changes toward worldwide social and environmental impact.

—The author, Tatiana Sterling, has more than 10 years of combined experience in corporate and strategic partnerships for leadership, talent, and professional development across industries.

To read the full article or to subscribe to American Public University's Inspire Leadership Series, visit

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