The learning industry came together during the Enterprise Learning! Conference, a three-day live event held in Manassas, Va., June 8-10, and a two-day virtual follow-up held July 16-17.

Cutting-edge keynoters addressed the crowd. Keynoter Wayne McCulloch revealed the future of learning by showcasing the learning ecosystem of Salesforce, an organization named the Most Innovative Company four years running by Fortune magazine. Dr. Jennifer Golbeck shocked attendees by revealing how much of our personal data is available to virtually anyone, unbeknownst to most of us. Keynoter Col. Ronald Dodge disclosed that the greatest threat to a company’s cybersecurity is actually the users. McCulloch is senior vice president of Salesforce; Golbeck is director of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Maryland; Dodge is CIO and associate professor at the West Point Military Academy.

The on-site event was held in Manassas, Va. June 8-10 while a live virtual edition was held July 16-17. A combined 1,897 learning professionals registered for the hybrid event.

The conference theme of “Building Smarter Organizations” provided four distinct learning tracks that examine learning ecosystems, smart connected things in learn, big data and learning analytics and best practice of the Learning! 100.

“The way we conduct business and train our employees in today’s world is different than any other era, and the popularity of having the option to attend an on-site or virtual, from-your-desktop learning event was reflected in the robust attendance for both events,” notes Catherine Upton, group publisher and event producer.

The July online event featured six live sessions and video broadcasts of the most popular onsite sessions. A live Q&A opportunity was made available to all virtual attendees during the keynote address by Wayne McCulloch as well as a learning CEO panel featuring Todd Tauber from Degreed and Malcolm Lotzof from INXPO.

Another important function of the annual conference is presentation of the annual Learning! 100 awards. The honorees represent 60 corporate enterprises and 40 public-sector/nonprofit organizations. The top winner in the corporate enterprise category was Salesforce, and the public-sector winner is Defense Acquisition University. (See article beginning on page 24.)

The conference programming was designed by George Mason University, Defense Acquisition University and Elearning! Media Group. Those that missed the event can still view content, Q&A and chats on the ELC online platform through Oct. 16.

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Virtual Conference Offers New Free and Premium Access Registration, Plus Advanced Online Features, Games and Interaction

Corona, CA June 2, 2015 - Elearning! Media Group will hold its second Virtual event of 2015 at the Enterprise Learning! Conference Online on July 16-17th from 7 am PT to 5 pm PT. The Virtual event will host live sessions only on July 16th. The event's new platform will offer two registration types: free access and premium. Attendees selecting free registration can access all live sessions on July 16th. Premium access attendees can view not only the sessions on July 16th, but also new sessions on July 17th and gain On-Demand access to all sessions and content for 90 days after the event through October 15th, 2015.

Both registration types allow attendees on the July 16th live day to visit sponsor booths in the virtual exhibit hall, interact live "avatar-style" with booth reps and download hundreds of documents and information in the resource center. New to this virtual event is the application of games which allow attendees to earn points or badges on the live July 16th event day. Virtual games range from trivia challenges and memory matches to opportunities to earn badges for prizes.

"In our second Virtual event of 2015, we are giving industry professionals choices, variety and greater convenience," says Catherine Upton, Publisher and CEO of Elearning! Magazine. "The new options available during our July Virtual event provide greater opportunities for learning, HR, training and talent development professionals to gain access to and learn from the speakers and experts participating in our event."

The Enterprise Learning! Conference Online 2015 will feature six live sessions on July 16th and new content on July 17th plus virtual exhibits, online chat, social media elements allowing attendees to tweet and post throughout the event on July 16th. Registration is now open at Enterprise Learning! Conference 2015.

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Elearning! and Government Elearning! magazines, e-Magazines, E-newsletters, Alerts, Web sites and Summits are produced by B2B Media Company, LLC. Elearning! Magazine is one in the family of 12 media products serving the $220 billion enterprise learning market. In combination, these brands reach up to 2 million executives and professionals who plan, evaluate and deploy enterprise-wide learning solutions across their organizations each year. To learn more, visit:

Enterprise Learning! Events
In our seventh year, Enterprise Learning! Events bring onsite and online live audiences together to learn, network and share. Enterprise Learning! Summit 2014 hosted industry thought leaders, analysts and up to nine sessions, on March 20th, 2014. Watch these sessions On Demand at


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Two-Day Virtual Event Opens With All New Live Sessions on July 16th

Corona, CA June 3, 2015 - Elearning! Media Group announced the Enterprise Learning! Conference Online 2015 (ELC15 Online) will host all new live sessions on July 16th and new on-demand sessions on July 17th. The live virtual event will open from 6:30 am – 5:00 pm PT and learning professionals and executives can choose from two registration types at:

The July 16th event features six live sessions showcasing video learning and talent development strategies, a learning CEO Power Panel discussing trends in technology and practices featuring Malcolm L. Lotzof, CEO, INXPO and Todd Tauber, Vice President, Degreed; and a Keynote addressing the Massive Transformation of Learning by Wayne McCulloch, Senior Vice President, Salesforce. "Our virtual conference will feature some of the foremost experts in the learning industry," notes Catherine Upton, CEO, Elearning! Media Group. "The live sessions will be given by learning leaders from CISCO, KZO Innovations, INXPO and Salesforce. With our new virtual environment, we expect a great turnout and lively, in-depth interaction with our attendees."

The virtual format provides an open forum allowing attendees, industry leaders and speakers to dialogue and interact with each other, to ask questions live to speakers during the July 16th sessions, and interact via chat forums to exhibitors.

The Enterprise Learning! Conference Online 2015 will feature six live sessions on July 16th and new content on July 17th plus virtual exhibits, online chat, social media elements allowing attendees to tweet and post throughout the event on July 16th. Registration is now open at:

About Elearning! Media Group
Elearning! and Government Elearning! Magazines, e-Magazines, E-newsletters, Alerts, Web sites and Summits are produced by B2B Media Company, LLC. Elearning! magazine is one in the family of 12 media products serving the $220 billion enterprise learning market. In combination, these brands reach up to 2 million executives and professionals who plan, evaluate and deploy enterprise-wide learning solutions across their organizations each year. To learn more, visit:

Enterprise Learning! Events
In our seventh year, Enterprise Learning! Events bring onsite and online live audiences together to learn, network and share. Enterprise Learning! Summit 2014 hosted industry thought leaders, analysts and up to nine sessions, on March 20th, 2014. Watch these sessions On Demand at


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The Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM) annual conference and exposition last month in Orlando, Fla., drew more than 14,000 attendees and 600 exhibitors. Biggest announcement was that of a new SHRM competency-based certification, which could become a competitor to a similar certification program sponsored by the HR Certification Institute.

“As a profession, we’re in the most important position to guide our organizations through this change, but we must be ready ourselves,” SHRM CEO Hank Jackson told members before the opening keynote.

SHRM will offer two new certifications: the SHRM Certified Professional, which is aimed at HR practitioners in the early stages of their careers; and the SHRM Senior Certified Professional, which is designed for practitioners with at least six years of experience.

In addition to the new certifications, SHRM announced the creation of the SHRM Certification Commission, an independent governance body to manage the certification program, including development of exams, eligibility criteria and recertification requirements.

—More info:

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Mortgage Firm Leverages E-Learning In Mastery Program

By Richard Acello

Like the Marines, Carrington Mortgage Services is looking for a few good leaders. Actually, Carrington is looking for lots of good leaders, but it needs a few right now because the eight-year-old Santa Ana, Calif. based mortgage provider is in a furious expansion into new markets, in the U.S. and internationally. Once a mortgage originator, Carrington now seeks to be involved in nearly all home-related transactions, from servicing the mortgage to rehabbing prepossessed homes. Its latest international venture is Scotland. Obviously, this kind of expansion calls for an army of specialists, and Carrington has plenty of expertise among its 2,000 employees — but recently the firm has identified the need for leaders. These tend to be personnel Carrington has identified as its future managers, but the lust for leadership is spreading regardless of rank.

The “LeaderSHIFT: Self-Mastery Program” is a six-month training and development program for those it identifies as up-and-coming leaders. The program includes a mix of online e-learning courses, development opportunities, mentoring sessions, and in-class training with activities that positions emerging leaders for a management position in Carrington.

“The goal of LeaderSHIFT is to ensure our next line of leaders are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to lead our company toward growth and success,” says Lou Beckert, Carrington’s director of learning services. “We value the talent our emerging leaders bring to the table, and our goal is to ensure we provide the right training, mentoring, coaching and development in order to successfully position ourselves with the right leadership team. We think the program is already improving the quality and caliber of our leadership team.”

Working with Beckert to execute on the strategy is Claudia Mino, manager of organizational development.

“Speaking generally, people who are highly competent are often promoted to leadership positions and fail,” she says. “Just because they are a great loan administrator doesn’t doesn’t mean they will be a good manager. So we start with the self that you must master: knowing who you are.”

It’s those types of mortgage pros that Carrington is looking at to lead as it expands. “The next level is how do you know how to manage teams,” Beckert continues. “If I know who I am as a person, and have the willingness to get better, now I can leads teams, the team performs, the company grows, and there’s more job security and promotions. It’s a cycle, but it starts with the self.”

All About Intangibles

In an increasingly big-data-driven world, Beckert and Mino are talking intangibles. They’re not apologizing either.

“I don’t believe in rolling out a program in leadership if we don’t spend the time talking about the need to touch their heart, and their soul,” Mino explains. “That’s the most powerful part, more than their job title. You’re not a leader by title, leadership is based on behavior and actions. It’s the unseen leaders who are change agents, and we hope they’ll be our next seen leaders.”

Carrington is an eight-year-old (relatively young) firm in an industry still feeling the effects of the Great Recession of 2008. Even so, it has expanded geographically and now has employee or independent contractor agents in the 50 states and Scotland. Carrington has also expanded through vertical integration — meaning it is a player in each part of the mortgage origination and servicing process. Of its roughly 2,000 employees, the majority work in loan servicing and are located in two Southern California towns, Santa Ana nd Aliso Viejo. The California contingent can be brought together physically, but for their increasingly job-diverse and physically far-flung coworkers, e-learning has come to play an important role.

“We need a program accessible to people all over the country,” Mino explains. Though Carrington naturally started out with an in-class program for its California workers, it has now moved in to a “blended phase,” Mino says.

Beckert says this might involve offering e-learning opportunities to staff, “and then we pull them together in a conference call or have a webinar in a forum, where they get to talk about best practices. At first, the majority of our leaders were in Southern California, but as the program becomes more successful, it’s taking in a bigger national audience.”

Post 2008, Beckert says e-learning started out as propelled by a need for Carrington to protect its customers and minimize risk in an industry in turmoil. Now that the mortgage industry is less in turmoil, the content is blended too. There are certification and license programs that help employees sharpen or add new skills, and that’s driving some of the engagement in the program.

But Beckert and Mino are equally enthused about finding the new leaders from the Self-Mastery program. “Let’s talk about the population of leadership. They are the high-potential, next-level talent pool of leaders,” Beckert says, “because we want to mold them and shape them in the Carrington way, displaying the characteristics of great leaders. It doesn’t matter where you come from, you need to be able to engage, motivate and care.”

What Is The Carrington Way?

“We look at what our CEO Bruce Rose likes to say, about the importance of doing the right thing even when nobody is looking,” notes Beckert. “That’s a big thing in the mortgage industry: having a high level of integrity, doing the right thing at every moment. It’s focusing on that side of the business that will drive everything else, the same thing with our vendors and future potential partners."

But how do you solve problems? How do you build? “We know that in order to maintain and grow we need strong learners, and to retain the best talent, we want the best of the best, the best of customer service,” Beckert continues. “We think our leaders will appreciate a company that sets you up for success, where you’re not just a number but part of the equation.”

Mino calls response to the Self-Mastery program “phenomenal,” as about 50 employees joined the first program, and 40 graduated. “It was a pilot program, so we made changes based on a monthly evaluation form, and we took to heart everything they said.”

Mino concludes that the program found “a significant impact that produced results for the business.”

This year, Mino has added more support but limited participation to 20. “We want to have more coach involvement,” she says. “If you take the 70-20-10 learning model, where 70 percent of learning happens ‘on the floor,’ and 20 percent is informal, and 10 percent is formal, like reading a book, we see the coach having the most impact on the 70 and the 20.”

Mino says the Self-Mastery program produced “bottom-line results,” including some reports of “life-changing experiences” because of the program. “We saw people really stepping up,” she says.

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Mojo Central is a new mobile platform that eases compliance strain and increase sales for mortgage banks by delivering up-to-the-second training and resources to staff anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Mojo Central offers complete customization and flexibility of content and can work with existing learning management systems (LMSs) or be a completely new one in its own right.

As well as being ideal for regulatory compliance and sales initiatives, it can also provide innovative training for up-skilling, knowledge sharing, induction, leadership development and improving business practices.

—More info:

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Five hundred learning and development professionals will gather in January in London to consider the impact of technology on learning cultures. Sixty expert speakers, each with their own insights into how learning and technology have collided, have been invited to run conference sessions.

“Each year we find technology makes an increasingly profound impact on the way that we learn and this creates a considerable challenge for corporate L&D functions,” says conference chair Donald H Taylor. “This conference provides an environment for L&D professionals to consider how technology and learning is evolving and, along with many others facing the same challenge, consider how to adapt and how to lead change in their own organizations.”

The speaker line-up includes: Brian Solis, Jane Bozarth, Beau Lotto, Marc Prensky, Harold Jarche, Deborah Francis-White, Jim Kirkpatrick, Euan Semple, Matthew Syed, Julie Dirksen, Doug Belshaw, Guy Claxton, David Kelly, Itiel Dror, Hans de Zwart, Donald Clark, Ger Driesen, Nigel Paine, Terence Eden, Steve Wheeler, Clive Shepherd and Crispin Weston.

—More info:

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New Mobile Learning Developments, Design Discussions and Video Topics Featured.

Elearning! Media Group announced the Enterprise Learning! Summit Virtual event is now on-demand! Attend free by registering at

The Summit offers the online advantage to attendees who might not otherwise be able to attend an onsite event. Seventy-two percent (72%) of executives report they were unable to attend a physical event because of budget or time constraints; yet, 100% would attend a virtual option if offered, according to Elearning! Magazine Survey.

The March virtual event featured a Learning! 100 session showcasing Learning! 100 Award Winner, Cricket Communication’s Mobile University. John Moxley, CLO, Cricket Communications will take you through his team’s process of launching a Mobile University. Attendees discovered what they need to know to duplicate his success.

The Summit Keynote titled ‘Brilliance by Design’ hosted by Dr. Vick Halsey talked about the secrets of creating learning experiences that connect, inspire and engage learners. Dr. Halsey revealed a completely new instructional design methodology that changes the focus on what to teach and 'how' to teach it.

Event visitors can still hear the Empowering The Employee With “YouTube™” Like Solutions session with Steve Vonder Haar, Senior Analyst, Wainhouse Research. Attend this session and hear how new video and webcasting technology can help you deliver content dynamically while streamlining training and corporate communications like never before. Learn why a portal or platform to exchange ideas, transfer knowledge and elevate learning is important How to quickly create/search/access/find content and subject matter experts anywhere and anytime.

Hear from Paul Drexler, Account Manager, Global Learning and Development, Bechtel Corporation how Bechtel Corporation built a successful on-line community of practice. Attendees will learn the 4 different roles in a Community of Practice (CoP); practical steps used to build the community; overcoming organizational barriers; and how software can help or hurt your community.

Attend the E-Learning Content is Everywhere session to discover how to tap experts and deliver rich engaging content to teams on the go. Every time an executive keynotes a conference, a techie gives a chalk talk, a product manager briefs a sales team, or a manager hosts an orientation, valuable content is being created. The trick: How to capture, enliven, deploy, and track it for internal or external audiences. Join Michael Kolowich, Emmy-winning reporter and film-maker, in this session.

On-demand registration  remains open until April 20th.  Attend Enterprise Learning! virtual registration at Registration is complimentary for practitioners in the training, talent, e-learning, workforce, human resources or executive management. Vendors or suppliers do not qualify.    

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