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    Since 2008, EMG has produced the Enterprise Learning! Events hosting top global learning leaders and best-in-class technologists in exclusive hybrid events. In 2017, we advance this practice with live streamed events from onsite venues. The events offer the option of face-to-face networking with learning leaders or convenience of live streamed participation. All focused on solving today’s business problems. Each event is focused on dedicated themes and is broadcast to 2000+ industry professionals.


    Enterprise Learning! Conference 2017 The High Performance Organization | elceshow.com
    August 29-30, 2017
    San Diego, CA
    At ELC17, meet the 2017 Learning! 100 who are pushing the envelope for innovation, collaboration and performance. Attendees are focused on driving business results leveraging learning, HR and talent strategies. This intimate executive forum provides maximum networking and dialogue. ELC17 will be live streamed to an extended online audience. ELC17 is also host of the Learning! 100 and Learning! Champion Awards celebrations.
    Enterprise Learning! Summits | theelsummit.com | 2017
    Mark your calendar for these 1-day conferences across the USA focused on dedicated topics. From improving employee engagement, building leadership skills and bench strength, or increasing collaboration, this senior executive forum format provides the perfect environment for optimal networking, collaboration and dialogue.
    In partnership with Best of Elearning! Awards, attendees will experience the bestin-class learning technologies up close. The Summits are live onsite conferences with streamed online broadcasts of selected editions. Discover how to attend, sponsor or host a Summit by visiting: http://www.2elearning.com/events
    Building Smarter Organizations | 2elearning.com/current-events Monthly 2017
    Every month, Elearning! Media Group hosts live web seminars on the industry’s hot topics. From Going Mobile, Personalizing Learning or Virtual Reality, these topical sessions feature industry experts, thought-leader panel discussions, and original research findings. View the current schedule at: http://www.2elearning.com/current-events



    “The [Enterprise] Learning! Conference is one of the best events to attend. There is something new to learn every year. The event’s focus on technology and learning impact is important for every learning leader to know about. We need to attend events like this so we can learn from one another and stay current.”

    – Dr. Christopher Hardy, Global Director, Defense Acquisition University, Dept of Defense

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    Enterprise Learning! Conference 2017

    About the Enterprise Learning! Conference The Enterprise Learning! Conference 2017 hosts global… Read more...


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